Do IKEA Beds Come With Slats? (All You Need To Know)

If you are looking to purchase a mattress from IKEA, you might be wondering if it comes with slats for your existing bed frame.

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Do IKEA Beds Come With Slats?

IKEA mattresses do not come with slats as part of the purchase, but they can be purchased separately in a variety of sizes, from king, queen, twin beds, double, and single beds. However, when buying a bed frame from IKEA, it will come with bed slats included.

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How Far Apart Are IKEA Bed Slats?

Generally, IKEA bed slats generally are spaced 2 to 3 inches from one another. As for IKEA, their standard bed slats easily fit within this 2 to 3 inches requirement.

IKEA also sells a range of extra support slats that include reinforcement for added shock absorption.

The slats on these have less distance between each other, adding for more support. These slats cost a considerable amount more than the standard slats.

Do You Need Slats For An IKEA Bed?

Generally, slats are required for most IKEA bed frames, they will not work without them, as there will be no support.

Additionally, it is strongly recommended to purchase IKEA’s own bed slats, as they are specially designed for IKEA’s bed frames.

IKEA bed frames do not come with slats packaged in, and they must be purchased separately.

However, standard slats from IKEA are highly affordable, with a more costly but more supportive option also available for those who need it.

Do I Need A Mid-Beam For An IKEA Bed?

The Skorva mid beam is required for a large number of IKEA’s bed frames. As a result, the mid beam is often included within the price of most mid beams.

If customers are buying their bed frame in-store, then they will need to pick up the mid-beam separately, but if they are buying online, the mid-beam will automatically be included in the delivery.

How Do You Keep IKEA Bed Slats From Falling Down?

If you purchase a bed frame with IKEA’s basic bed slats, you may find that, occasionally, the slats may fall off from the frame and hang.

This is due to the fact that the slats are bound together by a simple ribbon.

If you want to properly secure your bed slats, you can use a number of solutions such as Velcro, to hold the slats in place, but also make them removable, or you can use more permanent solutions such as duct tape or super glues.

Can I Make My Own Bed Slats?

If you forget to pick up bed slats with your new IKEA bed, or your IKEA bed slats become damaged, it is possible to construct a new set all on your own.

There are a number of useful guides online regarding slat construction that should make the endeavor easier.

However, constructing your own slats will require a decent amount of effort and energy, so be sure that it is what you want to do, as opposed to buying a new set of slats.

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Most of IKEA’s bed frames require slats in order to function properly. As a result, bed slats are consolidated as part of the price of a bed frame, and customers merely need to pick them up upon purchase.

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