Buying Mattresses From IKEA (13 Things You Should Know)

Swedish company IKEA sells affordable products for your home, including furniture, decor, and accessories. As part of its furniture, IKEA sells products for the bedroom, including mattresses.

If you’re interested in purchasing an IKEA mattress, you may be wondering what type of mattresses IKEA sells, if they’re any good, and more. I’ve done the research, and here’s what I’ve found out about IKEA mattresses!

Buying IKEA Mattresses

IKEA offers several mattresses made from various materials for different comfort levels, such as firm, medium, and soft. Also, you can purchase IKEA mattresses in a range of sizes, including Full, Twin, Queen, and King, that IKEA covers for 25 years after purchase. 

For more information on IKEA mattresses, including what materials they are made of, if you can return your IKEA mattress, and if you can try before you buy, keep reading!

What Type Of Mattress Does IKEA Sell?

IKEA sells a range of mattresses within its stores and online, made with different materials to suit each sleeper.

Also, IKEA sells mattresses in varying degrees of firmness, including firm, medium, and plush, to suit the needs of each customer.

Additionally, available mattress options from IKEA include Foam, Springs, Pocket Springs, Memory Foam, and Natural Materials.

That said, the most popular IKEA mattresses are the following brands:

What Are IKEA Mattresses Made From?

IKEA makes its mattresses with a variety of materials, which allows for a variety of mattress options.

For example, the foam IKEA uses within its mattresses is a high-resilience cold foam material, which helps the product last longer.

Also, the springs IKEA uses for its beds are made from steel, which helps reinforce the mattress.

Finally, IKEA is committed to sustainability. For example, the company stated by 2030, it wishes to use all recycled or renewable materials in responsibly sourced products.

What Mattress Sizes Does IKEA Sell?

IKEA has a range of mattress sizes in its stores, which you can buy to suit one of IKEA’s bed frames or an existing bed frame.

That said, the mattress sizes currently available at IKEA are Full, Twin, Queen, King, and Crib (27 1/2×52″).

How Long Do IKEA Mattresses Last?

IKEA provides a 25-year guarantee to every mattress, covering any defects in the product’s materials or workmanship throughout its life.

With that, this policy means that if your mattress does have a defect in the material, IKEA will pay to repair or replace it at no cost to you.

Also, IKEA recommends you replace your mattress every eight to ten years, ideally. However, this isn’t an option for some, as mattresses can be pretty expensive.

That said, you can prolong the life of your mattress with a topper or protector, and IKEA still offers a 25-year guarantee, activating as soon as you purchase your mattress.

Can You Try An Ikea Mattress Before You Buy?

While IKEA doesn’t permit you to take a mattress home for trial before purchasing, it does have showrooms in stores that allow you to test the mattress before you buy.

With that, IKEA allows customers to try beds in its showroom, as long as they don’t place their shoes on the bed.

However, if you’re interested in trying or sampling a mattress that’s not available in the showroom, ask a member of the IKEA staff for assistance.

What If I Don’t Like My IKEA Mattress?

What Do I Do If I Don't Like My IKEA Mattress?

For mattresses, IKEA offers a Love it or Exchange it policy that allows you 90 days to return your bed if you have tried it and don’t like it.

Then, IKEA permits you to choose another mattress and exchange the one you have purchased.

To be eligible to return your IKEA mattress as part of its Love it or Exchange it policy, you need your original receipt and need to be in the 90-day return window.

Additionally, your IKEA mattress must not be marked, dirty, or damaged, as this can affect the eligibility of your return.

Moreover, if you select a more expensive mattress than the mattress you purchased from IKEA, you will be required to pay an additional cost.

Conversely, if you choose a cheaper bed from IKEA, IKEA will refund you the difference in the form of an IKEA refund card.

Also, if IKEA has delivered your mattress via the Home Delivery Service, the collection and delivery of your new mattress will be free.

Unfortunately, the Love it or Exchange policy does not apply to SULTAN bed bases, bed slats, and mattress pads.

Can I Return My IKEA Mattress?

Yes, you have up to 365 days to return your IKEA mattress for a full refund via the original payment method as long as it is in new, unused, and resalable condition with the original packaging.

However, if you used your mattress, IKEA reserves the right to refuse the return.

That said, IKEA may accept your mattress return for an opened and used product in exchange for an IKEA refund card rather than a refund via the original payment method.

Can I Use My IKEA Mattress Immediately?

Once you have received your IKEA mattress, you should unroll it immediately, and IKEA recommends waiting 72 hours before using it.

The waiting period is important, as it allows the IKEA mattress to fully re-inflate back to its original standards of comfort.

How Do I Care For My IKEA Mattress?

IKEA recommends cleaning your mattress with a vacuum and wiping it clean with a damp cloth to maintain the material’s cleanliness and strength.

Also, IKEA states you should not wash, bleach, tumble dry, iron, or dry clean your mattress, as it can damage it.

Finally, IKEA recommends turning your bed every three months to allow even wear across the mattress.

Can You Fit an IKEA Mattress in Your Car?

As an IKEA mattress comes roll-packed, it will likely fit in most standard cars. Also, IKEA staff can help you to carry your mattress to your car if you require assistance.

However, if you cannot transport your IKEA mattress home yourself, you can order it in an IKEA store and deliver it to your house.

Or, you can order an IKEA mattress online and have it delivered. 

Does IKEA Sell Mattress Toppers?

As well as mattresses, IKEA also sells mattress toppers for an additional layer of comfort.

That said, IKEA mattress toppers can help extend the life of your mattress by keeping it free from dust and dirt and are easy to clean.

At IKEA, the most popular mattress toppers include the Tanager Mattress Topper, Queen, and the Tussöy Mattress Topper, Queen.

Additionally, IKEA recommends you wash your mattress topper on a hot, normal cycle. With that, your IKEA mattress topper should not be tumble-dried, bleached, ironed, or dry-cleaned.

Does IKEA Sell Mattress Protectors?

Yes, IKEA sells a range of mattress protectors which can help extend the lifespan of your IKEA mattress.

For example, a mattress protector can keep your IKEA mattress free from stains and dirt.

At IKEA, the most popular mattress protectors include the Grusnarv waterproof mattress protector, Twin, and the Vippvedel mattress protector, Queen.

To keep your IKEA mattress protector in good condition, IKEA recommends that you machine wash on a hot, normal cycle.

Also, the IKEA mattress protector can be tumble-dried but should be done on a low, normal cycle.

Finally, IKEA recommends you don’t bleach, iron, or dry clean your mattress protector, which can damage it.

Are IKEA Mattresses Good?

Yes, IKEA mattresses have received favorable reviews online due to their affordability, as well as their variety of firmness.

Also, the Mattress Guide has described IKEA mattresses as good quality, especially for their low price range.

Additionally, Sleep Hero has described the mattresses as affordable and noted the excellent 25-year warranty and 90-day Love it or Exchange it option.

To know more about IKEA’s bed-related services, you can also read our posts on IKEA mattress warranty, IKEA mattress return policy, and if IKEA mattress comes rolled up.

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