Do You Need a Membership for Big Lots? (All You Need to Know)

Big Lots, one of the most popular close-out retailers in the US, has been running store programs that have driven several customers to sign up for memberships.

Therefore, that might spark up the question: do you need Big Lots membership to shop there? Read on and learn factual information on the subject!

Do You Need a Membership for Big Lots In [currentyear]?

You do not need a membership to shop at Big Lots in [currentyear]. Therefore, consumers can go into Big Lots, shop, and check out without any membership. However, the Big Lots rewards and loyalty program called Big Rewards requires customers to gain membership before they enjoy the perks of the program.

If you need more information on how to get a membership for the Big Lots rewards and loyalty program, how the program works, and much more, keep reading!

What Is the Big Lots Reward Program?

The Big Lots reward program is a free shopper loyalty program that gives customers loyalty points and other benefits whenever they shop at Big Lots.

The program is open to all Big Lots customers over the age of 18, although loyalty program members can only enjoy the benefits.

Therefore, to enjoy the perks of the reward program, customers have to get the Big Rewards card.

How Do I Get a Big Lots Reward Card?

You can get the Big Lots reward card after signing up for the Big Lots Rewards program. Customers can sign up for the Big Lots reward card either in-store (with the help of an associate, or online at

If you sign up in-store, you will receive a physical reward card. Similarly, if you sign-up online, you will receive a digital Big Rewards card.

It’s important to note that both digital and physical cardholders enjoy the same benefits and that digital cardholders don’t need to get a physical card to enjoy the program’s benefits.

The card’s image is made available in the customer’s online account under the Rewards Card Information for digital cardholders. Customers should present the image at the time of purchase to get credit for qualifying purchases.

Moreover, customers can always switch from a physical Big Rewards card to a digital one by visiting their account and choosing the “Create Digital Card” option on the account.

How Does the Big Lots Card Work?

Once you sign up for the Big Lots rewards program and you receive the Big Rewards card, you become eligible for several membership rewards by Big Lots.

These rewards or benefits of membership include the following:

  • $5 reward after 3 qualifying purchases made within 12 months
  • Furniture bonus reward of $10 per $200 spent on a single Furniture Qualifying Purchase
  • Birthday surprises
  • Coupons
  • 20% off savings for Big Rewards members during VIP shopping days

How Will I Get My Big Rewards From Big Lots?

How Will I Get My Big Rewards From Big Lots?

Once your account is credited for purchases at Big Lots, you will get notified of available rewards within 7-14 days from the date of purchase.

These notifications, normally sent on Fridays, are sent to the email address connected to your account. Therefore, the email address must be valid and active to receive the notifications.

It’s important to note that the Big Rewards are valid for 17 days from when they’re loaded to the account.

Can You Use Your Big Lots Card Online?

 You can use your Big Lots card online and still receive your membership rewards. All you need to do is enter the details of the Big Rewards card at the checkout section to get credit for your purchases.

Can You Use Your Big Lots Card at Physical Store Locations?

Whether you have a physical or digital card, you can use your Big Lots card when shopping in-store. Simply present the card or ask an associate to look up your account for a physical Big Lots card.

However, you can display the card on your phone for a digital Big Lots card or decide to print the card from the account page.

What Happens When I Lose My Big Lots Card?

If you lose your Big Rewards card, you can log in to your account and replace or add a card. You can either choose to create a card or sync your account with a physical card.

If you need a physical card, you can visit a Big Lots store for a replacement.

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Big Lots customers do not require membership to shop at the store, but require membership to Big Rewards to enjoy the benefits of the reward and loyalty program.

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