Does Big Lots Accept Coupons? (All You Need to Know)

Big Lots is a discount retailer, and so offers many types of discount deals to spur sales and motivate customer loyalty.

But does Big Lots accept coupons, and if so, what kinds does it accept? Read on to answer these questions and many others!

Does Big Lots Accept Coupons In 2024?

Big Lots accepts coupons for many of its products in 2024. Customers can even use the coupons for items that are on sale, which can be found on various promo code websites. However, the exclusive coupons available to Big Rewards members are the most popular. Nonetheless, Big Lots does not accept manufacturer’s coupons without corporate approval.

Keep reading to learn more about Big Lots policy on coupons, what it accepts, and how to best benefit from it!

Can I Use a Coupon to Save on My Big Lots Order?

Fortunately, it’s possible to use your coupons to buy many items at Big Lots, from groceries to mattresses and even furniture. The coupons are available to use even on items that have been knocked down in price.

For instance, you could use a coupon with 20% off during the Big Lots Friends and Family event to purchase an item with a 40% discount on it.

How Do I Know What Coupons Are Available in My Area?

Big Lots publishes weekly ads on available coupons, which may differ from store to store, and you can get information relevant to your area by filling in your zip code.

Besides announcing available discounts and deals on various items, you may also find coupon codes you can use in your shopping.

You can also find these coupons on several promo code websites or emails you receive as a Big Rewards member.

Does Big Lots Offer a Coupon for My Birthday?

If you’re a Big Rewards member, Big Lots will offer you a 15% off coupon for your birthday, which is sent to your email only once a year.

You can use this coupon to purchase items online and in-store, and while using it online, you enter the promo code at the end of the transaction.

For in-store shoppers, your barcode will be scanned at the checkout. This coupon is only valid at Big Lots outlets to purchase non-prohibited items at their pre-tax value, and you cannot use the coupon on out-of-stock goods.

Additionally, you cannot transfer this coupon to another person or stack it, and the coupon does not apply to non-purchase transactions like shipping and delivery charges.

Also, if you return the item you purchased using a coupon, you forfeit the discount and do not get a refund.

What Can’t I Use Coupons for at Big Lots?

What Can’t I Use Coupons for at Big Lots?

You can use your coupon depending on the terms attached to the coupon. For example, while you can use your Rewards coupons for new price holds, you cannot do the same with your birthday coupons.

Some coupons also apply to a restricted number of items, in which case they’re invalid for all others. Shipping, delivery charges, and previous transactions are always excluded, as are non-purchase transactions like rentals.

However, bear in mind that these exclusions and restrictions are always liable to change, so scrutinize your coupon to see what it’s good for.

Can You Combine Coupons at Big Lots?

You can combine your coupons with other coupons and benefits at Big Lots, but it is not possible to combine birthday coupons with any other.

However, there is greater leeway with Big Rewards coupons and other periodic coupons.

For example, you can combine military and senior discount coupons with other discount deals, rewards, and gift cards to save even more on your purchases.

All possible combinations and exclusions are indicated on the terms and conditions attached to the coupon.

Consequently, it’s important to read the coupon’s terms and conditions before using it.

Where Can I Get Coupons I Can Use at Big Lots?

Big Lots publishes information on coupons available every week, so be on the lookout for new developments. Members of Big Rewards get regular coupon updates from Big Lots in their emails, so they never miss a deal.

As well, discount coupons codes for the military are available on for servicemen/women and veterans.

Several websites also offer discount coupons that can be used at Big Lots. They may be okay to use, but exercise due diligence and make sure they are verified coupons.

What Are Other Savvy Ways I Can Save Money at Big Lots?

You can save even more money shopping at Big Lots using these shrewd tips:

  • Shop during the Friends and Family event when Big Lots offers 20% off its items and during other offers.
  • Be a Big Rewards member- the benefits include exclusive VIP shopping days, rewards on joining and shopping, and email notifications on upcoming deals and coupons.
  • You can do your shopping through rebate sites if shopping online; these sites offer discounts to persuade you to buy from them. They also offer promo codes for coupons acceptable at Big Lots.

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Big Lots coupons save you a lot of money so you can buy more. With the variety of discount coupons available, there is something for everyone to take advantage of to keep you coming back for more.

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