Do You Tip Best Buy Delivery Drivers, Installers & Geek Squad?

Recently, most consumers view tipping as a necessity once a service is completed. While tipping adds money to the recipient, company policies may not allow it.

With the wide variety of products and services at Best Buy, customers often ask, do you tip Best Buy delivery drivers, installers, and Geek Squad? Here’s what I found out!

Do You Tip Best Buy Delivery Drivers, Installers & Geek Squad?

Best Buy stipulates a policy that prohibits tipping Best Buy employees and service providers. This means customers are not allowed to tip Best By delivery drivers, installers, and Geek Squad workers. The policy also emphasizes that when customers pay for a product and service, they have fully paid for the purchase.

If you want to get more information on whether you are supposed to offer tips at Best Buy, whether Best Buy employees can take tips, and much more, keep reading!

Are You Supposed To Tip Best Buy Installers?

No, you are not supposed to tip Best Buy installers.

Once you request services and pay for the package, your payment includes the necessary appliances and the accompanying installation package.

You should understand that you have already paid to have appliances installed by a professional who doesn’t expect tips in return for the installation.

Still, you can decide to appreciate the good work of the installer (only if you want to).

In some instances, the installer may experience trouble beyond their control installing the appliance and therefore takes longer to complete the task.

Here you can only tip them if they approached the situation professionally.

Are You Supposed To Tip Best Buy Geek Squad?

According to Best Buy’s guidelines on tipping, you are not supposed to tip Geek Squad after their services.

It is essential to understand that once you contract Geek Squad for services and complete the payment, you already cater to the wages of personnel.

Geek Squad personnel are usually paid for all services every time they are contracted for work. Hence, you should not add extra payments once they complete their tasks.

However, a customer might decide to offer tips as a token of appreciation if the Geek Squad personnel offers special services or if they are impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the personnel.

In this case, the customer can provide tips of $10-$20.

Do Best Buy Delivery Drivers Accept Tips?

Best Buy delivery drivers do not accept tips offered by consumers.

While the company clearly states that customers are not obligated to offer tips to Best Buy delivery drivers, some customers offer tips out of goodwill.

In this case, the delivery drivers may decide to accept or reject the tip offered by the customer.

If you decide to offer Best Buy delivery drivers tips at goodwill, you could range it between $10-$20 per person. However, the delivery driver may refuse to accept as it is against their employment contract.

Can Best Buy Employees Take Tips?

Can Best Buy Employees Take Tips?

Best Buy employees cannot take tips from customers.

The company policy on tipping clearly states to consumers that tipping is not allowed for any product and services offered at Best Buy.

However, in some cases, a consumer might be impressed by a Best Buy employee’s efficiency and decide to provide a token of appreciation.

Depending on the Best Buy employee, they can accept the tip or politely reject the tip offer.

As much as tipping is not allowed at Best Buy, some employees often feel appreciated and motivated when a customer offers a tip.

Does Best Buy Install Appliances For Free?

Through the Total Tech Support membership, Best Buy offers customers free installation services for selected appliances bought at $399 or more.

All you have to do is apply for membership to Total Tech Support and enjoy the benefits of the membership, including free installation of selected appliances and several Autotech and Geek Squad services.

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Conclusively, Best Buy does not allow customers to offer tips to all employees, including salespeople, delivery drivers, and installers.

However, customers can decide, within themselves to appreciate the good work done by the employees.

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