What is 711’s Shoplifting Policy? (All You Need To Know)

Retail stores are known for having some very strange shoplifting policies, which have been examined in the news over the past while. For instance, most have a no-chase policy and do not allow employees to stop the shoplifter.

However, these policies do vary from store to store. Furthermore, 711 is a smaller convenience store, which often makes them a target of shoplifting. For everything you need to know about the company’s shoplifting policy, keep reading!

What is 711’s Shoplifting Policy In [currentyear]?

711 stores are independently owned, so its policies do differ from location to location in [currentyear]. However, they are usually not heavily staffed, and staff are often not allowed to leave the storefront. Therefore, they usually have a no-chase policy by default, even if it isn’t explicitly stated. Furthermore, it does have cameras, which is often how shoplifters are spotted.

If you’re looking for more information on 711’s shoplifting policy, keep reading below!

Does 711 Have a No Chase Policy?

711 is completely franchised, therefore, its exact policies vary from store to store.

It is possible though, that most 711s do not have a shoplifting policy at all, especially if this isn’t a crime they regularly come into contact with.

In these cases, it really depends on who is working. Sometimes, they may chase and call the police, and other times, they may not.

However, it is generally considered not to be the worker’s job to stop a thief.

In fact, this is the usual policy of most major retailers, so it is likely the policy of most 711 stores as well.

How Does 711 Prevent Shoplifting?

711 does not use security guards or anything of that sort to prevent shoplifting. Instead, they rely solely on its employees to prevent shoplifting.

Therefore, it is usually the cashier’s job to pay attention to customers and prevent them from stealing.

Furthermore, many stores also have cameras set up which help discourage thieves.

Does 711 Prosecute Shoplifters?

Does 711 Prosecute Shoplifters?

The owner and manager of the store has the biggest say over whether or not shoplifters are prosecuted as they are the ones that have to press the charges, after all.

Often, shoplifters can be prosecuted even if they were not arrested at the store. If the theft was noticed later or the guilty party escaped, then they can still be charged at a later date.

In fact, it can take several weeks or even months before the retailer files charges.

Furthermore, the guilty party never even has to have contact with a police officer to be prosecuted for shoplifting, especially if there is video evidence.

Therefore, many who are prosecuted don’t even know it until they are picked up.

Do People Actually Get Caught Stealing from 711?

Since 711 does not have a security guard, so most people do not get caught at the actual store.

However, 711 does have cameras, therefore, you can be caught at a later time and have a police report filed against you.

In fact, this is typically how most arrests go.

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711 has a varying shoplifter policy depending on the management. Usually, the store rely’s on the cashier to spot and stop shoplifting from happening. However, it also relies heavily on security cameras to catch the offender in the act.

Furthermore, most employees are instructed not to leave the storefront, especially if there are not other employees available. Therefore, they usually have a no-chase policy, even if it isn’t explicit.

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