Does Ace Hardware Price Match? (Full Guide)

As the world’s largest hardware cooperative, Ace Hardware specializes in hardware services and sells products including raw material and power tools. Ace Hardware regularly offers customers deals and discounts so they get the best prices in store.

If you’re a fan of Ace Hardware, you may be wondering if the retailer is able to price match their competitors in-store and online, and how to go about getting a price match. After looking into it, here is what I have learned about Ace Hardware.

Does Ace Hardware Price Match In 2024?

As Ace Hardware stores are independently owned, not all stores will be able to offer a price match. However, many Ace Hardware locations have stated they are willing to offer customers price matches for full price, identical times that are in stock at both their store and competitors stores.

For more information about the Ace Hardware price match policy, including if they can give price adjustments after purchase, which stores Ace Hardware can price match, and more, then just keep reading!

Do All Ace Hardware Stores Offer Price Matching?

As stated on their website, Ace Hardware stores are owned and operated independently, meaning features such as price matching may vary from store to store. It is at the discretion of the local Ace Hardware store manager if they wish to offer price matching.

To find out if your local Ace Hardware store can price match, it is recommended you visit the customer service desk in the store or contact them to find out.

What Can I Price Match at Ace Hardware?

Participating Ace Hardware stores are happy to price match identical items that are in stock at both their stores and their competitors stores.

The item needs to be identical at Ace Hardware and the competitor in features such as brand, size, color, and quantity. The Ace Hardware customer service team will be able to inform you if your item is valid for a price match.

What is Excluded from the Price Match at Ace Hardware?

Not all items at Ace Hardware will be eligible for a price match. Products at Ace Hardware that are in low stock, already discounted, on special offer or similar will not be eligible for a price match.

During promotions such as Black Friday, Ace Hardware will also not allow you to price match as the discount cannot be combined with other discounts. Clearance or damaged items are also ineligible to price match at Ace Hardware.

There may also be a limit to the number of price matches you can do at Ace Hardware, so check with your local store for their policies.

How Do I Get a Price Match at Ace Hardware?

How Do I Get a Price Match at Ace Hardware?

You will only be able to receive a price match at participating Ace Hardware stores.

Check with your local Ace Hardware for a full list of competitors they can price match, as they may be able to price match local stores as well as larger retail companies such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

To receive a price match at Ace Hardware, you will need to find an identical, lower-priced item at a competitor store that is currently in stock.

Next, bring proof of the lower price, this can be a printout, a website on your phone, or similar proof of the live offer to show Ace Hardware the lower price at the checkout. The Ace Hardware employee may need to verify the price with the competitor store.

After this, Ace Hardware should be able to give you a price match and reduce the price of their item so you receive a better deal.

Where Can Ace Hardware Price Match?

It has been reported that participating Ace Hardware stores can price match their main competitors, including Lowe’s and Home Depot, as well as their own reduced prices. Ace Hardware may also be able to price match local businesses in the area.

Will Ace Hardware Offering Price Match After Purchase?

Just like price matching, select Ace Hardware locations can offer a price match after you have purchased an item, known as a price adjustment.

To receive a price adjustment, it is recommended that you visit your local Ace Hardware store with proof of purchase and a lower price at the competitor store.

There may be a limit on how long after purchase you have to return your item for a price match, so verify this with your local Ace Hardware.

After verifying the price, the Ace Hardware employee should be able to refund you the difference. For example, if you purchased a tool for $10 and the price is $5 at a local store, Ace Hardware will be able to refund you $5.

The manager of your local Ace Hardware store will have the final say of whether they will give you a price adjustment.

Does Ace Hardware Price Match Online?

Ace Hardware can offer price matches online for items purchased within 30 days from their website.

To receive a price adjustment from Ace Hardware online, you can go to the customer service portal or contact their support number 1-888-827-4223 and enter your details.

You will need to submit proof of a lower price at a competitor store, or proof of a reduction at Ace Hardware for your item.

You will be required to ask Ace Hardware online for a supervisor’s approval to refund your price match. If approved, your refund for your price match will be returned to you by Ace Hardware in the same method of payment as the original purchase.

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Certain Ace Hardware locations are able to offer price matches in-store, but not all franchises will offer this. Contact your local Ace Hardware store to see if they are participating in the price match scheme.

To receive a price match at Ace Hardware, provide proof of a lower price at a competitor’s store and show it at the checkout to receive a discount.

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