Does Ace Hardware Have a Military & Veteran Discount? (Full Guide)

As a leading retailer, Ace Hardware offers a variety of tools, services, and more to help its customers complete their home improvement projects. To keep their prices competitive, Ace Hardware regularly offers discounts to entice customers.

If you’re a fan of Ace Hardware, you may be wondering if they offer a military and veteran discount within their stores and online. I’ve done some digging, and here is what I have learned!

Does Ace Hardware Have a Military & Veteran Discount In [currentyear]?

While online there is no mention of military or veteran discount, many Ace Hardware owners have confirmed they will give a 10% discount on full-priced items to military personnel and veterans who have a valid form of ID. The military and veteran discount at Ace Hardware can only be used in participating stores, not online.

For more information about the Ace Hardware military and veteran discount, including how much they offer, how you can receive military and veteran discounts at Ace Hardware, and information about how else you can save money, then keep reading!

Do All Ace Hardware Stores Offer Military and Veteran Discount?

As Ace Hardware is a franchised business, it is at the discretion of the store manager whether they offer military and veteran discounts. Due to this, military and veteran discounts may not be available at all Ace Hardware locations.

To find out if your local Ace Hardware store offers military and veteran discounts, it is recommended to contact them.

How Much Military Discount Does Ace Hardware Offer?

If your local Ace Hardware is participating in the military and veteran discount scheme, then it is common for them to offer a 10% discount on most items in the store.

Often, military and veteran discounts at Ace Hardware can be applied to full-price items, and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts, such as coupons.

It is also unlikely you will be able to use military and veteran discounts on sale items at Ace Hardware.

Who Can Get Military Discount at Ace Hardware?

Military and veteran discount is valid for all branches of the U.S military at Ace Hardware, including Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, and Navy.

Additionally, the military discount at participating Ace Hardware stores is often given to both active military veterans as well as retired veterans.

One thing to note, however, is that the Military and Veteran discount does not extend to family members including military dependents, so it is recommended to bring family members with you into the store if you wish to help them use your discount.

How Do I Get Military Discount at Ace Hardware?

How Do I Get Military Discount at Ace Hardware?

To receive a military or veteran discount at Ace Hardware, it is recommended to ensure that your local store is participating in the scheme.

If your store is participating, when you get to the checkout at Ace Hardware, ask for the military and veteran discount.

It is likely the employee at Ace Hardware will need to see verification of your status as a military veteran, so ensure you bring proof such as your military ID.

What Can I Use Military Discount on Ace Hardware?

Military and veteran discounts at participating Ace Hardware stores can be used on the majority of products.

While exemptions will vary from store to store, often military and veteran discounts can only be used on full-priced products. Clearance items, sale items, and similar discounted items are not eligible to receive military and veteran discounts.

Check with your local participating Ace Hardware store to see what their exemptions are.

Can I Use Military Discount Online at Ace Hardware?

Military and veteran discounts cannot be used online at Ace Hardware, it can only be used at participating Ace Hardware locations.

How Else Can I Save Money at Ace Hardware?

As well as military and veteran discounts, Ace Hardware offers customers other ways to save money. Ace Hardware regularly offers coupons on their products, as well as certain locations being able to price match products.

Additionally, Ace Hardware also has a rewards program where you can earn points when you shop at Ace.

You will also receive other rewards from the Ace Hardware program including 10 points per dollar spent, as well as $5 earned every 2500 points. Ace Hardware can also give free delivery to rewards members with $50 or more.

If you are looking to learn more, you can also see our posts on Ace Hardware’s return policy, if Ace Hardware accepts PayPal, and if Ace Hardware price matches.


Ace Hardware is able to offer a 10% military and veteran discount in participating stores to customers who can provide valid proof of ID of their military occupation. Discounts can be given to current and previous military veterans at Ace Hardware.

To receive a military and veteran discount at Ace Hardware, check if your store is participating and present your valid form of identification at the checkout to receive a 10% discount on full-priced items.

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