Does Amazon Accept Cryptocurrency? (Bitcoin, XRP, ETH, How To Pay + Will They Ever Accept It)

While crypto payments have made the news in recent years, they still aren’t mainstream enough to be accepted by most major retailers.

If you’re into crypto, you may be wondering: “Does Amazon accept cryptocurrency?” I couldn’t help but think this too, so I did my research, and here’s what I can confirm about Amazon and crypto payments.

Does Amazon Accept Cryptocurrency?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not accept any cryptocurrencies. Although Amazon has not confirmed any plans to accept crypto payments like Bitcoin, XRP, or ETH in the future, there was an Amazon job advertisement for digital currency and blockchain product development in July 2021, indicating the company is working toward cryptocurrency in some form.

If you want to learn more about Amazon’s stance on cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, XRP, and ETH, then check out the rest of our detailed guide!

Is There Anyway To Pay With Crypto On Amazon?

Currently, you cannot pay with Crypto on Amazon. The only way to get around this is to sign up for the Coinbase Card, which is a Visa debit card that lets you earn crypto rewards.

The Coinbase Card is accepted as a standard Visa debit card on Amazon and most other online retailers. It’s similar to if you had a credit or debit card from another store or brand and used it to shop on Amazon.

If you want to pay with Bitcoin, XRP, or ETH on Amazon, unfortunately, you are out of luck. Amazon does not have the function to accept direct crypto payments on its website or app.

For now, crypto fans are better off using a major credit, debit, prepaid, or gift card to cover Amazon purchases, as the company has not confirmed plans to accept crypto anytime soon.

Does Amazon Take Bitcoin?

Amazon does not take Bitcoin, and it doesn’t accept XRP or ETH either. While you cannot use these digital currencies directly on Amazon, some forms of crypto allow you to buy gift cards that could then be used on Amazon.

If you want to use Bitcoin, XRP, or ETH, it’s best to shop directly on the gaming sites and retail platforms that take these currencies, such as Microsoft or Twitch.

As cryptocurrency continues to evolve, it’s likely more retailers will take it, not just in the digital streaming space but for physical goods too.

That’s why a lot of Bitcoin believers check back with their favorite retailers to see whether Bitcoin is accepted yet, and it’s a hot topic for Amazon as the world’s biggest e-retailer.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Accept Crypto? 

Why Doesn't Amazon Accept Crypto? 

One of the main reasons why Amazon doesn’t accept crypto is that this digital currency is still so new.

While there is more discussion surrounding crypto and how it may play a role in the future of digital payments, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin and similar payment methods.

For a corporation as large as Amazon to make the shift to accepting crypto payments, this would be a massive change. It’s something that Amazon is likely to put a lot of careful planning and resources into before announcing.

Also, crypto is an emerging technology that’s constantly changing, and although Bitcoin is the most popular, there are many other forms of cryptocurrency.

Amazon would need to keep up with these different cryptocurrencies if the company wants to successfully accept this form of payment in the future.

Keep in mind that Amazon isn’t alone in not accepting cryptocurrencies, as many major retailers have yet to take the leap into the crypto realm.

Target, Walmart, eBay, and Expedia are just a few retailers that don’t accept crypto. Many smaller businesses don’t take crypto either, as it requires certain technology, knowledge, and maintenance that may seem overwhelming for smaller companies.

For many people, the concept of cryptocurrency is still quite unfamiliar, and most companies that use crypto have teams dedicated to this payment method and making sure it all runs smoothly.

Will Amazon Ever Accept Crypto?

Amazon has not publicly announced any plans to take crypto payments in the future, so even if they did, it would likely be a way off.

While there are no imminent plans for Amazon to take crypto payments, there are a few reports that it may be on the horizon.

That’s because Amazon posted a crypto-related job ad in July 2021, which sent Bitcoin values soaring and suggested crypto payments may be coming sooner rather than later.

Amazon’s job ad for a digital currency and blockchain product lead effectively confirmed the retailer is hiring people to develop the company’s strategy and product roadmap.

According to the ad, Amazon is interested in further developing blockchain, central bank digital currencies, and cryptocurrency. If these plans materialize, then Amazon may take crypto in the years to come.

Otherwise, for now, it’s safe to assume Amazon won’t be taking crypto in the near future, so a major credit or debit card is the easiest and fastest way to pay on Amazon.

What Other Online Stores Accept Crypto?

Although crypto payments are not an option for Amazon, some online platforms accept crypto.

Microsoft is the main one as it has accepted Bitcoin since 2014 in the online Xbox Store. Starbucks, Etsy, Whole Foods, and Tesla are a few other stores where you can use crypto.

As crypto continues to change and more retailers get involved, the list of stores where you can use crypto is likely to grow. 

You can check with your crypto platform and favorite stores to see if their policies have changed at all, as every year, a few more stores join the trend and start accepting digital blockchain payments.

How Can You Pay On Amazon?

While Amazon doesn’t accept emerging cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, XRP, and ETH, the most common forms of payment are accepted on and the Amazon app.

Amazon takes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit/debit cards, which are the most popular in the U.S.

Of course, the company’s own Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, Amazon Store Card, and Amazon Secured Card are also accepted.

In addition to Amazon gift cards, you can also use Amazon Cash or SNAP EBT to buy items from Amazon, although certain eligibility requirements apply.

Don’t forget you can check Amazon’s accepted payment methods are listed on the official Amazon website, and if there are any changes, such as accepting crypto in the future, it will be listed there.

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