Does Amazon Deliver Furniture? (Cost, How Long, Large Furniture Items + More)

Amazon’s delivery is well known for being fast and on time. The company never shies from shipping large orders to an address at the same time, including packages that are heavy.

Customers who shop on Amazon regularly may notice that they sell furniture. But is Amazon willing to deliver the furniture they sell? If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I learned!

Does Amazon Deliver Furniture?

Amazon does deliver furniture items such as sofas, mattresses, tables, desks, and chairs, which are typically delivered by ABF, CEVA, and Pilot. Additionally, since Amazon uses third-party providers to fulfill orders, most furniture does not qualify for Same Day/ Two Day Shipping; however, it is free for Prime members.

Keep reading this article if you’d like to learn more about how much furniture delivery through Amazon costs, how long it takes to arrive, and other useful tips and information!

How Much Does Furniture Delivery Cost on Amazon?

Furniture delivery through Amazon is completely free as they don’t require a shipping fee for any order above $25.

Because furniture prices usually start at a minimum of $100, Amazon doesn’t require customers to pay a fee.

Customers should note that smaller furniture items such as lamps, footstools, and other small pieces may require a shipping fee depending on how cheaply they are priced.

However, most furniture available on Amazon will generally sit at a higher price, making a shipping fee unlikely.

Customers can learn more about furniture prices on Amazon by browsing through the furniture section on!

Does Furniture From Amazon Qualify for Two Day Prime Shipping?

Because Amazon uses third-party shipping services for furniture, any furniture ordered does not qualify for Two Day or Same Day Prime shipping.

This is mainly because the services Amazon uses to fulfill orders make deliveries on their own schedules, making a short delivery impossible to guarantee.

However, customers can choose a Scheduled Delivery in most cases. This allows customers to choose a date that fits into their schedule so that they can set up their furniture in a timely manner.

In order to choose a delivery time, customers must first add their chosen furniture to their cart, proceed to checkout, and the delivery time options will be available before selecting Purchase.

How Long Does it Take to Get Furniture Delivered from Amazon?

Because Amazon uses a third-party delivery service for furniture and other large items, shipping times will vary.

However, the general estimate for shipping times is 4- 14 business days.

According to, 14-day shipping can often take up to 21 days, depending on the delivery service’s schedule.

Additionally, individual delivery services will provide tracking numbers to Amazon customers placing a furniture order.

The delivery system may differ depending on the location of the customer. However, if their furniture comes with a tracking number, it will be listed on their order page.

Does Amazon Deliver Furniture to Your House?

Does Amazon Deliver Furniture to Your House?

Amazon currently offers a service called Key by Amazon that allows drivers to deliver furniture directly inside the customer’s home.

This service gives the delivery driver access to the customer’s home, allowing them to haul furniture inside the house and move it to the customer’s desired spot!

Additionally, Key by Amazon ensures customers’ safety and privacy by providing customers with a security system.

Deliveries will be made securely and without any risk to their home or belongings.

Do Amazon Drivers Assemble Furniture Upon Delivery?

Recently, Amazon reported that they will begin tasking delivery drivers with unpacking and building furniture for the customer who placed the order!

Currently, there is no word as to when this service will begin. Therefore, customers who order furniture from Amazon are urged to keep track of this new development.

Until Amazon begins this service, though, it is currently available through Amazon to schedule another person to assemble their furniture who is local to their community!

Customers can select this assembly option when they checkout on Amazon with their selected furniture and schedule a time that fits into their personal routine.

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Amazon offers furniture delivery through third-party shipping services.

Delivery times will vary depending on the furniture company selling through Amazon as well as the delivery service they work with. However, estimated times are usually 4-21 days.

Amazon doesn’t charge for furniture delivery, and customers can have the furniture delivered directly into their home through Key by Amazon!

Unfortunately, Amazon furniture delivery does not qualify from Prime Two Day or Same Day Shipping.

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