Does Amazon Deliver in the Rain? (Storms, Snow, Leaving Package in Rain + More)

If you’re an Amazon customer, you may have wondered how deliveries are affected by the weather. Do storms and bad weather slow down deliveries? Does Amazon deliver in the rain and leave packages to get soaked?

We were curious about this too and did some research. Read on to see what we found.

Does Amazon Deliver in the Rain In [currentyear]?

Amazon does deliver in the rain and drivers will make an effort to leave packages in a safe place where they will remain dry. They may also place packages in plastic bags to protect them from the rain. Amazon does deliver in all kinds of bad weather, but major snowstorms, flooding, and hurricanes may prevent or delay delivery in [currentyear].

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Does Amazon Ship and Deliver on Rainy Days?

Amazon does ship and deliver on rainy days. As some online bloggers have pointed out, with headquarters in Seattle, WA, Amazon has got to be accustomed to rainy weather.

That said, extreme weather events like hurricanes, flooding, and blizzards may prevent Amazon from shipping and delivering packages.

Otherwise, Amazon does deliver in all kinds of weather.

This makes sense from an economic as well as human point of view, because of the millions of shoppers and businesses who rely on Amazon delivery.

Will Amazon Leave Packages in the Rain?

The official Amazon policy is that packages will be left in a safe place where they are protected from theft and bad weather.

In reality, it’s not always possible for delivery drivers to find such a safe place and they have to use their ingenuity and initiative to make sure the packages they deliver don’t get soaked in the rain.

Luckily, most delivery drivers are very conscientious.

So, if they can’t find a safe or shake tend spot, they will cover and put packets in plastic bags or wrap them in plastic to prevent damage.

Sometimes the delivery drivers will even provide their own plastic bags and sheets to protect packages if these are not supplied by Amazon or the shipping company.

Can Amazon Deliver to My Garage?

Amazon Prime members can also choose to have their packages delivered to the garage using the Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery service.

You can choose Garage Delivery at checkout. There is no extra charge for this service, but the garage must be electronically linked via the internet to myQ.

Does Amazon Deliver in Bad Weather?

Does Amazon Deliver in Bad Weather?

Amazon does deliver in all kinds of weather, though extreme events like hurricanes and snowstorms that shut everything down will prevent deliveries.

After all, if the highways are shut down by transportation authorities, there’s no way Amazon can continue moving deliveries.

Further, Amazon delivery vehicles do sometimes get stuck in the snow and have to be towed out, leading to delays in delivery.

Stopping delivery due to bad weather can sometimes set up conflicts between delivery companies and Amazon.

This is because when the privately-owned delivery vehicles have to be towed if they are stuck in the snow, Amazon doesn’t pay for the cost of towing.

Further, if delivery services are suspended due to bad weather, and Amazon decides the weather wasn’t bad enough to justify this, delivery drivers and companies may be penalized.

Does Amazon Deliver in a Storm?

While official Amazon policy is to shut down its facilities and services during extremely bad weather conditions like storms and hurricanes, it doesn’t always play out that way.

Media and blogs record many instances where Amazon workers and drivers have been forced to work in storms and hurricanes.

However, if roads are impassable due to storms and bad weather, it is likely that deliveries will be suspended until they can be continued safely.

What it means for you as a customer is that your packages may be delayed due to storms and extreme weather.

The best way to find out the delivery status for your package is to use Amazon tracking.

If your delivery has been delayed, you will find that information here, as well as a revised estimated time of delivery.

Are Amazon Packages Waterproof?

Amazon does have a policy that delivery drivers should wrap packages in waterproof plastic or put it in a plastic bag when making a delivery on a rainy day.

In practice, it depends on individual drivers to follow this policy and make sure that the package does not get soaked on a rainy day.

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Amazon does deliver in bad weather and drivers will try their best to make sure packages are protected from rain and snow.

However, major storms and hurricanes that shut down transportation may slow down Amazon deliveries as well.

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