Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday? (Times, Locations + More)

Not only does Amazon sell books, electronics, household goods, fresh groceries, and more, but it also has a paid subscription program called Amazon Prime that offers members a host of benefits.

If you’ve been shopping on Amazon, you’ve probably wondered if Sunday delivery is an option. So, does Amazon Prime deliver on Sunday? Here is what I learned about Amazon’s Sunday delivery services.

Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday?

Amazon offers delivery seven days a week for both Amazon Prime members and non-Prime customers. As long as daily delivery services are available in your area, you can take advantage of Sunday delivery. If you’re an Amazon Prime customer with free two-day shipping, you could order late on Friday and receive your package Sunday.

Interested in learning more about Amazon Prime delivery options near you? Keep reading to discover the times and locations for Amazon’s Sunday deliveries.

What Time Does Amazon Prime Deliveries Come On Sunday?

The good news about ordering from Amazon Prime is that you can get deliveries on Sunday, especially if you live near a major metropolitan city.

Amazon Sunday deliveries could come anytime from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., depending on the Amazon logistics driver and how many deliveries there are for the day.

If you have plans on Sunday but want to make sure you’re there for the delivery, you can track your Amazon package using your order details.

Where Is Sunday Delivery Available For Amazon Prime?

Where Is Sunday Delivery Available For Amazon Prime?

Most areas in the continental U.S. have Sunday delivery available through Amazon.

While some remote regions may not be covered yet, Amazon generally has a delivery partner and carrier network in most major cities and the surrounding metro areas.

UPS and USPS (United States Postal Service) are Amazon’s logistics partners for Sunday deliveries.

Amazon sends the packages to UPS or USPS, and then they handle the local delivery across a few miles to your front door.

Apart from occasional USPS Priority letters and packages, Amazon is currently the only company that UPS and USPS deliver to on Sunday.

If you want to confirm if Sunday delivery is an option at your house, you can call UPS/USPS and tell them your address.

All sorts of Amazon Prime items could be delivered on Sunday throughout the U.S. Electronics, books, household goods, office supplies, toys, gifts, and food products are just some of the options to consider when shopping on Amazon.

How Do You Choose Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery?

While browsing on Amazon through your Prime account, remember that the Sunday delivery option will appear for all eligible items.

You can select your preferred delivery date, whether it be one or two days or expedited shipping.

If you don’t see Sunday deliveries or other options available, it means this service is not offered in your area. In that case, you will need to choose a different delivery date and time.

Amazon Prime weekend deliveries aren’t just for home or business deliveries.

If you use Amazon Locker self-service, there’s a possibility your package will be there on Sunday.

It’s not necessarily a guarantee, but the best way to know is to check the order details and follow along with the tracking information.

Is Sunday Delivery Free On Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime members can get free Sunday deliveries, but it depends on when they place the order.

If you’re a Prime member, you can get free two-day delivery when you place an order on Thursday or Friday.

You could also opt for one-day shipping where it’s available or pay extra for guaranteed Saturday shipping, starting at $7.99 per item.

Non-Prime members may have to pay extra for weekend deliveries depending on the item and the seller.

The best way to guarantee an item arrives by Sunday is to order with enough time to get it there.

You will see all the relevant pricing and delivery options on the product page, so you can make the right call that works for your schedule.

Out of all major retailers, Amazon is seen as the most reliable for affordable Sunday deliveries, with a Sunday delivery network set to expand through UPS and USPS in the coming years.

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Most Amazon purchases have several delivery options, although you can get faster free delivery through an Amazon Prime membership.

Both Amazon Prime and non-Prime members can get packages delivered on Sunday as long as delivery services are available in that area.

The advantage of Amazon Prime is that you can place an order on Friday and get it by Sunday with free two-day delivery.

If Saturday/Sunday shipping is available in your location, it will show up on the product page and throughout checkout. You can pick your delivery preferences and await fast Amazon delivery.

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