Does Amazon Have Night Shifts? (Positions, Types, Pay, Hours + More)

Have you ever wondered if Amazon has night shift jobs, and if so, which positions were available?

Well, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about what it’s like to work on an Amazon night shift, which positions are available, how to apply, and the benefits included!

Does Amazon Have Night Shifts In [currentyear]?

Amazon offers several positions on the night shift that focus on customer service and operations like warehouse associates in [currentyear]. Typically, these shifts are scheduled from 9 pm to 7 am. Although wages vary by location and position, night shift employees generally earn around $16/ hr at Amazon. Currently, specific warehouse jobs are also offering incentives like sign-on bonuses.

To learn more about the various night shift positions available at Amazon, including how to apply, keep reading for more useful facts and tips!

What Are the Benefits of an Amazon Night Shift?

If you’re interested in working night shifts, there are plenty of reasons to apply.

For starters, many companies have gone to 24-hour service because of increased online shopping.

People are shopping on their phones, tablets, and computers all day. Therefore, someone is available to answer questions and fulfill orders at any time.

If you work a night shift at Amazon, you’ll be able to do just that!

Some benefits of working an Amazon night shift are getting more time off during the days for things like family activities.

Typically, night shifts are quieter than daytime positions. In addition, working nights can also save money on childcare as your children will be sleeping when you’re working.

What Positions Are Available on an Amazon Night Shift?

Amazon offers many positions on the night shift, including customer service, operations, and technical roles.

Customer service representatives are often available to respond to customer concerns at all hours of the day.

Moreover, they must communicate effectively with customers by phone or chat.

Some concerns customer service representatives might need to address are complaints about shipping errors, failure to deliver purchases on time, or solving disputes between buyers and sellers.

Operations representatives handle tasks like processing returns and order cancellations. These positions require problem-solving, organization, and attention to detail skills.

Technical roles include everything from helping customers with technical issues to maintaining complex security systems.

Usually, tech specialists have a background in engineering or computer science.

Some of the specific job titles that work evening and night shifts are as follows:

Fulfillment Center Warehouse Associate

Amazon fulfillment center associates are responsible for getting orders ready to ship to customers that order goods from Amazon services.

These services include Prime Now and make-on-demand.

Most of the duties of a fulfillment associate involve selecting, packing, and shipping goods.

Delivery Station Warehouse Associate

Another fast-paced, physical role is the delivery station associate. These employees receive trucks full of orders and prep them for delivery to Amazon customers’ doors.

While working, employees will load conveyor belts and even stage more oversized items like large screen TVs or furniture for pickup by delivery drivers.

Air Gateway Team Member

Air gateway team members are the key to getting customers their orders on time. One responsibility of the air gateway team is loading cargo from warehouses onto aircraft.

Furthermore, this could involve working in a warehouse or near a plane, either indoors or out.

Sortation Center Warehouse Associate

Amazon’s sortation centers are the starting point for the journey to getting a package delivered to its destination.

In other words, Amazon’s dedicated sortation center team helps get boxes ready for delivery by sorting, scanning, and stacking orders on pallets.

Grocery Fresh Associate

While working as a grocery fresh associate for one of Amazon’s busiest services, you will be required to support online orders.

In many ways, this is like a shopper role, but instead of working on retail floor space, you will work within a store-sized warehouse. 

Amazon Fresh offers customers everything from cereal to ice cream and fresh flowers.

Therefore, workers will prepare orders in various environments, including refrigerated and freezer spaces within your shift time.

XL Warehouse Associate

As an XL warehouse associate, you will work with heavy bulk items that are often difficult to handle, like big-screen TVs, furniture, and appliances. 

For this job, employees will be trained with technology to handle bulky items and learn how to drive powered industrial equipment like a forklift or pallet driver.

Some days workers may be at the helm of power equipment.

However, on many other days, employees may work on their hands-on skills by tackling small hand deliveries sent along the delivery route.

How Much Does Amazon Pay for Working the Night Shift?

How Much Does Amazon Pay for Working the Night Shift?

Amazon night shifts have a competitive pay structure dependent on the position and location.

For example, Ziprecruiter states that, on average, warehouse workers earn an annual salary of $32,941 while working the night shift at Amazon in Texas.

In other words, employees make about $15.84/ hr. However, the national average is about $35,247 per year for similar night shift positions at Amazon.

In addition to a competitive annual salary, Amazon also offers sign-on bonuses of up to $3000 for many of the warehouse roles.

Some additional benefits that Amazon provides for employees are:

  • Healthcare (medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs)
  • Medical Advice Line
  • Network of Support (health & well-being on and off the job)
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Maternity and Parental Leave
  • 401(k) savings plan
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Holiday pay opportunities
  • Employee discounts
  • Basic life insurance
  • AD&D insurance
  • Company-paid Short-Term and Long-Term Disability
  • On-the-job training and skills development
  • Employee Assistance Program

How Can Job Seekers Apply for Amazon Night Shift Jobs?

If you want to work on an Amazon night shift, you need to apply for it online. First, job seekers should go to the “Amazon Jobs” page on

To help job seekers find jobs they are qualified for, Amazon has a short questionnaire to respond to questions like desired shift, availability, and length of employment.

Once this information is provided, job seekers will be redirected to a page with jobs that fit these specifications.

After locating a position of interest to you, click on the link to open the job description.

Amazon lists duties and responsibilities, an overview of the job, requirements, and more on the job description page.


When ready to apply, scroll down and click on the link under “How to Get Started.” Again, applicants will be redirected to learn more about the hiring process.

In order to work for Amazon, applicants need to apply online and complete an assessment.

After finishing the application process, you will get a welcome email with information about an upcoming Virtual Job Preview- no travel required!

This preview is necessary before starting at Amazon.

Rather than using a smartphone, Amazon recommends that the application be completed from a laptop or desktop computer.

Additional information on applying can be found in this step-by-step guide.

Virtual Preview

During the 20-minute virtual office preview, applicants must provide proof of their identity and employment eligibility to complete the I9 form.

New Hire Orientation

Following the virtual preview, if hired, you will receive an email from KNET that has instructions for your virtual new hire orientation.

During orientation, new employees learn more about the company culture, workplace safety, and dress code.

First Day Preparation

Finally, new employees will receive their schedule details via email after orientation has been completed.

Safety procedures and other company guidelines will be reviewed on your first day working at Amazon.

What Are the Night Shift Hours at Amazon?

Amazon operates 24/7 and offers night shifts to employees across the country who want to take on a challenging and rewarding career.

Typically, shifts last from 4-8 hours, with the night shift at Amazon beginning at 9:00 p.m. and ending at 7:00 a.m.

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Working on the night shift at Amazon offers flexibility for workers to balance their work and home lives. Another benefit of the night shift is the opportunity to make more money. Employees are paid an hourly rate plus bonuses for night shifts.

Some of the positions available on the night shift at Amazon are customer service representatives, merchandising associates, and order pickers.

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