Does Amazon Offer Work From Home Jobs? (All You Need to Know)

Since remote work options have gained in popularity recently, many people want to know if Amazon offers work from home jobs.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time job or just a part-time gig, here is what you need to know about Amazon’s work-from-home jobs!

Does Amazon Offer Work From Home Jobs In 2024?

Amazon offers work from home positions for professionals with salaries averaging over $100,000 a year in 2024. To qualify for positions, workers must have a Bachelor’s degree in the field and have past leadership experience. Jobs can be found in many departments, including marketing, customer service, and finance. Additional information can be found on the Amazon Jobs website.

If you are a professional that wants more information on work from home roles at Amazon, keep reading for more facts!

What Type of Jobs Are Available with Amazon for Work From Home Positions?

When searching the Amazon Job website, you’ll find a variety of work from home job opportunities, include the following:

1. Marketing Manager, Amazon Science

As a part of the senior management team, the Amazon Science marketing manager oversees paid, earned, shared, and owned media, including the website and newsletter as well as social media channels.

The primary objectives include helping grow reach on all platforms by engaging people within science communities to shift perception about Amazon Science among them.

This position also focuses on attracting talent from anywhere in the community for its company.

2. Sr. Program Manager, Compensation & Incentives

While working as a senior program manager in compensation and incentives, workers will design incentive programs to meet specific business needs and ensure effective communication with stakeholders.

Additionally, they will participate in data analysis, design metrics for evaluation, and make decisions based on high judgment.

3. Media Campaign Strategist, Amazon Science

As an Amazon media campaign strategist, workers develop hyper-local and scalable media strategies.

These strategies target specific demographics, as well as A/B testing to optimize performance.

In addition, they analyze campaign success metrics over time to recommend optimization strategies that grow channels with several business line inputs.

This is done by strategizing on purchases made across markets.

4. Technical Customer Service Associate Social Media, AWS

As an AWS Customer Service team member, workers will support external customers using the AWS cloud computing services.

Specifically, they interface with internal Amazon organizations to help provide the “Voice of the Customer.”

Do You Need Experience for Amazon Work From Home Jobs?

Do You Need Experience for Amazon Work From Home Jobs?

Unlike jobs found at physical Amazon locations, work from home positions requires workers who have previous experience in the field you’re applying for.

In addition, workers need at least a college degree and may require that you have a professional certification in the area.

What Are the Requirements for Working at Home for Amazon?

When you apply for a work-from-home position at Amazon, the job requirements will depend on the position and experience level.

As you can see from the above section, many work-from-home positions are for management-level jobs.

At a minimum, these positions require a Bachelor’s degree in the field or equivalent experience.

In addition, many also require common advanced skills such as:

  • Past sales experience
  • Experience with leading a team
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Proficiency with computer software including MS office

For specific job requirements, candidates can find detailed job descriptions and guidelines on Amazon Jobs.

What Is the Pay for Amazon Work From Home Jobs?

As expected for senior-level positions, many Amazon workers carry a very high salary from home positions.

For example, a marketing manager at Amazon can expect an average base salary of $101,948, according to Glassdoor.

Does Amazon Provide Workers with Equipment for Work From Home Jobs?

While working at home for Amazon, workers will need to purchase their equipment for use since Amazon doesn’t provide workers with equipment.

Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your equipment at home and your internet connection meets the company’s requirements before starting your new job.

How Do I Apply for a Work From Home Job with Amazon?

Before applying for any position at amazon, applicants must first create a profile on the Amazon Jobs website.

While setting up the profile, applicants will be asked to provide their contact information and tell Amazon about their skills, education, and past work experience.

Depending on the applicant’s position, Amazon may also need to take a skills assessment test.

This means that applicants should allow adequate time to complete the required tasks.

Once complete, the application and completed profile will be submitted online to the hiring managers.

Afterward, qualified applicants will be notified if they qualify for an interview with Amazon.

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Currently, Amazon offers over 500 work-from-home jobs for professionals looking for that flexibility. These senior-level roles can be found in departments from customer service to online business development.

 Although Amazon does not provide workers with equipment, the company provides world-class job training.

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