Does Amazon Offer Overnight Shipping? (All You Need to Know)

If you’re like me and can’t wait for Amazon to deliver your package, you probably want to know if Amazon offers overnight shipping.

This guide will teach you all you need to know about Amazon overnight shipping and other ways to get your Amazon orders delivered as quickly as possible!

Does Amazon Offer Overnight Shipping In 2024?

Amazon offers overnight shipping, called one-day delivery for Prime members. As an Amazon Prime member, one-day, two-day, Amazon day, and Same day delivery are all free with a Prime membership in 2024. Products eligible for one-day delivery will have the one-day delivery logo on the product page. A ticker on eligible product pages indicates the time remains to place one-day orders.

If you want to find out more details on Amazon overnight shipping and other ways to have Amazon packages delivered quickly, keep reading!

Although this service is not available to all Amazon customers, Amazon Prime members are eligible for free one-day delivery, otherwise called overnight shipping.

With Prime’s one-day delivery, Amazon shoppers can purchase over 10 million products from the Amazon website and have them delivered the next day!

Generally, Amazon shoppers can expect packages to be received the next day by 9 pm.

How Much Does Amazon One Day Shipping Cost?

Although Prime members must pay for their membership monthly or annually, one-day shipping has no associated cost!

In other words, eligible products can be delivered by the next day free!

What Time Is the Cut off for Amazon Prime One Day Delivery?

While filling your Amazon shopping cart, be mindful of the ticker on the product page, otherwise, you may miss the cutoff for one-day delivery.

Each eligible product page will have a ticker near the “Add to Cart” button which alerts shoppers to how much time they have left for next-day delivery.

How Do I Get Amazon Prime’s Free One Day Shipping?

Prime members can use their Prime membership to get free one-day shipping. Besides one-day shipping, Amazon prime has many other benefits.

To learn more about the perks of Amazon Prime, visit this link.

Currently, Amazon is offering a 30-day free trial of Prime, and after the trial ends, monthly memberships begin at $12.99 (plus taxes) or as low as $6.49 for students.

Is There a Minimum Purchase Amount for Amazon Prime’s One Day Shipping?

With Amazon Prime, it doesn’t matter how much or how little you buy to use the one-day shipping service!

How Can Prime Shoppers Find Products Eligible for One Day Shipping on the Amazon Website?

How Can Prime Shoppers Find Products Eligible for One Day Shipping on the Amazon Website?

With the Amazon website “Get it by Tomorrow” filter, shoppers can quickly locate items marked with the Prime one-day shipping logo while searching.

At checkout, the one-day shipping option will be automatically selected for you.

Why Am I Having Issues Finding Amazon Products Eligible for One Day Shipping?

At this time, not all zip codes and locations are eligible for Amazon’s one-day shipping services.

Nevertheless, continue to check the website to see if additional locations near you have been added!

Does Amazon Offer Expedited Shipping?

Although Amazon doesn’t technically offer expedited shipping, it offers same-day delivery in some areas.

With same-day delivery, up to 3 million eligible products can be delivered by 9 pm the same day an order is placed.

However, the order must be placed before noon. In order to check if you live in an area where Amazon same-day shipping is available, check here!

How Much Does Amazon Same Day Delivery Cost?

Like one-day delivery, for Amazon Prime members, there is no cost for using same-day delivery. However, purchases must be $35 or more to be eligible to use this service.

What Is Amazon Day Delivery?

With Amazon Day deliveries, shoppers can receive Amazon orders delivered on the day that works best for them.

For example, suppose you shop for groceries on Amazon several times a week.

Rather than have trucks stop Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, you can select your Amazon days for Monday and Thursday.

Besides reducing the company’s carbon footprint, this can help you plan times to be home for deliveries.

As always, all Prime members can enjoy this service free of charge and without any minimum order threshold.

What Are Ultrafast Amazon Grocery Deliveries?

For Amazon Prime members that live near Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods locations,  free and ultrafast grocery delivery services are available for orders that meet certain thresholds.

With this service, shoppers can purchase many fresh grocery items, including meat, seafood, produce, snacks, and household goods.

What Is Free Release-Date Delivery?

When Prime members choose release date delivery for qualifying prerelease items, Amazon will send the item the day of the release. 

Qualified items will be sent by 7 p.m., and Prime members qualify for free delivery on eligible orders.

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Amazon Prime’s overnight shipping service allows you to receive your products in the morning or even the same day.

After purchasing a monthly Amazon Prime membership, shoppers have access to more than 10 million products that can be delivered as soon as 9 pm the next day.

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