Why Is Amazon Delivery So Slow? (7 Reasons Why)

Amazon delivers a large number of packages every day all over the world! And while they advertise quick delivery times, many customers have noticed that Amazon’s package delivery can actually be very slow.

So, why is Amazon’s delivery service so slow, and how can you find out where your package has ended up? If you’d like to find out, read below for 7 reasons why Amazon’s delivery may be delayed and how to remedy it!

Why Is Amazon Delivery So Slow?

1. Transport Issues

Due to the high volume of packages that Amazon has to pack and sort every day, errors can sometimes occur when workers are dealing with shipping labels and equipment.

If a package has not arrived after a significant period of time, it’s possible that the shipping label was damaged during the packaging process, resulting in a failed delivery, as the address could not be properly identified.

If a customer has ordered a package and it has yet to arrive, customers can contact customer support, or they can use Amazon’s tracking feature to learn where the package is currently located.

2. Weather Conditions

When certain areas are hit with bad weather conditions, the courier in charge of delivering Amazon packages may have to delay their delivery in order to remain safe.

This type of delay may occur in situations such as snowstorms, electrical storms, tornados, hurricanes, heatwaves and natural disasters.

If customers have yet to receive a package they ordered, it’s recommended they check the weather updates in their region for possible accounts of bad weather.

3. Small P.O Box

If customers have packages sent to a P.O Box, Amazon delivery drivers may face issues with the delivery if the box is too small for the package they ordered.

Therefore, if customers have ordered a large package and are not using Prime delivery, it’s recommended that they have their packages sent to another address.

Customers can also utilize features such as Amazon Key, which allows delivery drivers to deliver larger packages either inside a customer’s house or their garage, regardless of the size!

4. Third-Party Seller Timelines

If customers have ordered a package fulfilled by third-party sellers, their order is not always subject to Amazon’s delivery drivers but rather to the brand or individual in charge of fulfilling the order.

If there is a significant delay in order times, the thor-party seller may be facing issues with their local shipping times or another inconvenience.

If customers are concerned about where their package is, they can contact the seller and ask about shipping updates by going to their “Orders” page on their Amazon account, selecting their purchase, and tapping the “Contact Seller” button.

5. Parcel Shipping Strikes

If customers order from Amazon without a Prime account, their order is likely being processed and delivered through various parcel shipping providers.

If the parcel carrier in a customer’s country is under a union strike, though, this may account for any delay in receiving packages, as post office strikes halt the processing of any deliveries until the allotted time for a strike has passed.

Therefore, customers are recommended to keep up to date with any news about their parcel carrier/post office strike and check their order history for when their package was shipped in order to estimate the remaining time before their package arrives.

6. High Volume Orders

6. High Volume Orders

Amazon has numerous peak seasons for shopping where they have to fulfill a high volume of orders for a period of time. Due to how many orders they receive, their shipping delays cannot be helped.

This type of high-volume shopping season may occur during national holidays, the back-to-school season, or even global crises that increase the number of online orders.

If Amazon is facing issues with many orders coming in, they will generally alert customers to their order delays and re-estimate when a package will arrive.

7. Priority Changes

During certain situations, such as a national or global crisis, Amazon is required to prioritize orders that cater to essential needs such as personal hygiene or health and wellness.

If such a situation occurs when a customer has placed an order, their package may face a delay if it is not an item necessary to their health or well-being.

How Can I Track my Amazon Delivery?

If customers are curious about the location of their Amazon orders, they can utilize Amazon’s tracking feature! In order to locate their package, customers must do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Amazon account where the order was placed and go to “Your Orders.”
  2. Select the item needing to be traced, and click the “Track Package” option.

Can I Get a Refund for a Delayed Amazon Delivery?

If a customer’s package is quite late or fails to arrive, they can request a refund by doing the following:

  1. After signing in to their account, customers must head to the “My Orders” page.
  2. After locating their order, they must select the “Problem With Order” option.
  3. Customers can click on the “Request Refund” option and type an explanation in the comment box provided.

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Amazon faces late and failed deliveries for a number of reasons, such as a high volume of orders, issues with transport, weather conditions and other similar problems. Customers can, however, learn the location of their item by using the tracking feature.

If their package fails to arrive, customers can request a refund for their package by using the “Problem With Order” feature on their “Orders” page.

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  1. Orders that previously took 3 or 4 days now commonly takes 7 to 10. This snail mail shipping causes me to order less from Amazon and more from Walmart as Walmart’s shipping is much faster and returns are very convenient too. Heads up this SLOWWWWW shipping is hurting your sales. I’m a long term Amazon customer and not some crack pot. I know what I’m talking about.
    You’re dropping the shipping ball.

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