Does Amazon Own Ring? (All You Need To Know)

Over the years, Amazon has acquired several different companies and added them to the Amazon brand line-up, such as Audible, Book Depository, and a variety of other companies.

However, some customers are curious as to whether or not Amazon owns Ring. If you’re wondering the same thing, keep reading this article to learn more about the information I’ve gathered!

Does Amazon Own Ring?

Amazon acquired the Ring security system company in 2018 and has been the parent company of Ring ever since. Amazon purchased the company for around $1.2 billion- $1.8 billion and has added the security system to their line-up of innovative technology, installing the device in customers’ houses and providing efficient security assistance.

If you’d like to learn more about why Amazon bought Ring, who originally owned the company, as well as other common FAQs regarding the Amazon Ring, keep reading this article for more useful tips and information!

Did Amazon Originally Own Ring?

Amazon is not the original owner of the Ring brand, but rather the company was owned by Jamie Siminoff, who invented the device, which was originally labeled as Doorbot.

The Doorbot was originally pitched on an episode of the reality TV series Shark Tank for an investment, but Jamie Siminoff rejected the offer and rebranded the company to Ring shortly after his feature on television.

However, in 2018, Amazon acquired Ring as the brand’s parent company and now currently owns all products and services under the Ring brand, including the doorbell system, Always Home Camera, and all other products created by Ring.

When Did Ring Come Out?

The Ring security system was originally released to the public as Doorbot and was released in 2013. The Ring invention was crowdfunded through Christie Street and was funded with $364,000 USD.

Before Amazon purchased the Ring, the company raised over $200 million in investments and had an estimated value of $1.2 to $1.8 billion by 2018, when Amazon acquired the company.

Why Did Amazon Buy Ring?

Why Did Amazon Buy Ring?

Amazon purchased Ring in order to expand upon both their regular sale numbers in the technology category as well as increase their foot in the smart home business market.

Amazon’s acquisition of the Ring was intended to complement the Amazon Key, a security system for which Amazon had yet to develop audio and voice recognition software.

As well, Amazon has enabled their Alexa/ Echo voice assistant to pair with the Amazon Ring, which enables customers to call voice commands for the Ring security system.

However, because the Ring features both a camera and audio equipment, Amazon purchased the company to add additional security options for Amazon customers who use their security equipment.

In addition to furthering their selection of smart home technology, Amazon also acquired the Ring in order to boost their sales in the technology department on

Therefore, Amazon purchased the Ring in order to benefit both their e-commerce sales and to further solidify the company as a reliable source of home security.

What Does the Amazon Ring Do?

The Amazon Ring is a home security system that works through a doorbell. When customers install the Ring in their homes, the doorbell works both as a camera and a motion sensor.

Therefore, customers who install the Ring will be able to view who is approaching their home at all times and will also warn of those approaching their home before they receive a doorbell push or knock on the door.

The Ring is hooked up to a customer’s WiFi network when installed, which allows the doorbell to transmit the featured video footage and other information to the Ring app.

This feature enables customers to receive security footage of their front door area anywhere, as long as they have access to an internet connection.

Does Amazon Install Ring?

In addition to selling the Ring, Amazon also offers installation services for the Ring through Amazon Home Services.

In order for customers to have the Ring installed, they must set up an appointment with Amazon Home Services through, which will allow customers to pick a time that is convenient to their personal schedule.

However, customers are also given the option to self-install the Amazon Ring by using the installation information found on the Ring’s Help Center page.

Is the Amazon Ring Good?

According to a variety of reviews for the Amazon Ring, the system does well for offering a variety of security camera options, being easy to self-install, and having affordable prices both for the initial purchase of the Ring and regular camera monitoring.

However, customers have noted that while they are able to view their Ring system at all times through the Ring app, the cameras are not always reliable when alerting an approaching figure to their property.

Therefore, customers who don’t regularly monitor their cameras may not always be altered to a person approaching their door, which could increase the chance of attempted break-ins to their home.

Customers should note, though, that while the Ring is not always reliable for sounding immediate alerts, the security system itself is generally considered to be reliable in actually preventing perpetrators from entering a household.

Is the Amazon Ring Successful?

The Amazon Ring has gained a large measure of success since the acquisition of the company by Amazon.

While the brand generated over $5 million in sales prior to Amazon’s purchase, the Ring has since expanded by being compatible with Amazon Alexa, as well as reaching a wider consumer audience.

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