Amazon Protection Plan (What’s Covered, Claims, Refunds + More)

Shopping online has opened up countless opportunities for consumers, and millions of people are stocking up on everything they need through Amazon.

If you’ve considered making big technology purchases on Amazon, you may have wondered if there is an Amazon protection plan.

I wanted to know the same thing, so I got to work to figure out what’s covered by Amazon and whether a protection plan is worth it. Here’s my take!

What Is Amazon’s Protection Plan?

The Amazon Expert Protection Plan covers smart home devices from accidental damage not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This plan also covers technical support and mechanical breakdown for smart home devices like the Amazon Echo smart speaker. Amazon also offers protection plans from SmartGuard and Asurion.

If you want to know more about buying protection plans from Amazon and more, keep on reading!

What’s Covered In Amazon’s Expert Protection Plan?

Amazon’s Expert Protection Plan offers exclusive protection for smart home devices installed in Lennar homes and activated by Amazon.

If your home has a smart speaker system connected to lighting systems, doorbells, or appliances, an Expert Protection Plan is worthwhile.

From day one, this plan covers accidental damage like liquid damage, cracks from normal handling, or product drops. it also provides technical support over the phone or in-home.

Additionally, if the smart home product cannot be fixed, plan holders receive a replacement, either new or refurbished, or a gift card.

Amazon’s Expert Protection Plan also covers mechanical breakdowns after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

So if your smart home device breaks down or fails from normal wear and tear, then the mechanical breakdown portion of this protection plan kicks in.

How Do You Redeem An Amazon Expert Protection Plan?

To redeem an Amazon Expert Protection Plan, you just need to schedule a phone support appointment with Amazon.

Amazon experts can troubleshoot the smart home device over the phone or schedule a free in-home visit if required.

This is true whether you just run into technical problems or the device stops working entirely.

Remember, accidental damage protection begins on the date of purchase or product activation.

How Do You Make An Amazon Expert Protection Plan Claim?

How Do You Make An Amazon Expert Protection Plan Claim?

To submit your claim, simply schedule the service and follow the steps provided by the Amazon representative.

Within your Amazon account, you can view your protection plan and make or edit claims as required.

There is no limit to how many claims you can make, although your Amazon Expert Protection Plan comes with an aggregate claim limit outlining how much your claimed products can cost.

For example, if your plan has a $2,000 aggregate claim limit, and you start with a smart home speaker costing $250, then you have a $1,750 remaining claim limit to use for the duration of your plan.

If you ever have questions about the specifics of your protection plan and what’s covered, refer to the full plan conditions in your confirmation email or contact Amazon for support.

Does Amazon Refund Expert Protection Plans?

Amazon allows any time cancellation for Expert Protection Plan members. If you want to cancel, just go to your Amazon account and find the protection plan order.

Select return or replace items to finalize the cancellation, and any applicable refund will be issued to your account accordingly.

Additionally, you can also book a phone appointment with an Amazon technician who will help you cancel over the phone.

Also, you can get a full refund on an Amazon Expert Protection Plan if you cancel within the first 90 days. Otherwise, the refund is prorated with the paid claim amount subtracted.

What Other Protection Plans Can You Buy On Amazon?

While the Amazon Expert Protection Plan is one of the most popular particularly for smart home devices, you can search for additional protection plans on Amazon too.

SmartGuard protection plans are available for major electronics and appliances, including nationwide repair and free shipping on covered claims.

Buying a SmartGuard plan ensures that labor and parts are covered for electrical and mechanical failures after the product warranty.

Amazon also sells Asurion 3-year electronics protection plans with tech support and a 4-year protection plan for laptop accidents.

Amazon may suggest these protection plans when buying applicable products, and you can choose whether you want the extra protection or not.

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Some Amazon products come with protection plans, or you can purchase protection plans separately to apply to a high-price item.

The Amazon Expert Protection Plan covers smart home devices like the Amazon Echo smart speaker and offers protection for accidental damage, technical support, and mechanical breakdown. You can cancel this plan at any time and may be eligible for a full refund within the first 90 days.

Amazon also sells third-party protection plans from SmartGuard, Asurion, and Allstate. These plans can be used to protect laptops, electronics, appliances, and furniture, with covered items outlined in the full terms and conditions.

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