Amazon Alexa Warranty (Time Frames, Claims, Repairs, Replacements + More)

While Amazon’s devices are popular and have many great features, they are easily breakable. Fortunately, though, Amazon provides warranties for the majority of their technology and devices!

If you own an Amazon Alexa/ Echo, you may wonder what the warranty is for these devices. If you’d like to find out, continue reading through this article to see what I learned!

Amazon Alexa Warranty

Amazon offers a 1-year warranty for most Alexa/Echo devices. Customers can use this warranty to have their Alexa fixed or replaced as long as they are keeping within the time frame of their warranty grant. Additionally, if the warranty for their Alexa expires, customers cannot have their Alexa replaced or fixed for free.

If you’d like to learn more about the warranties for other Alexa models, whether or not Amazon will replace or fix an Alexa device, and more, keep reading for useful facts and information!

Which Amazon Alexa Devices Have a 1-Year Warranty?

Most Amazon Alexa devices come with a 1-year warranty. However, some Alexa devices only have a 90-day warranty.

The Alexa/Echo devices that currently have a 1-year warranty are as follows:

  • Echo (4th Generation or older)
  • Echo Plus (2nd Generation or earlier)
  • Echo Show (2nd Generation or earlier)
  • Echo Show 5 (2nd Generation or earlier)
  • Echo Show 8 (2nd Generation or earlier)
  • Echo Show 10
  • Echo Dot (1st Generation)
  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Look
  • Echo Connect
  • Amazon Tap
  • Echo Auto
  • Echo Sub
  • Echo Link
  • Echo Link Amp
  • Echo Loop
  • Echo Studio
  • Echo Buds (1st Generation)
  • Echo Buds Charging Case (1st Generation)
  • Echo Buds (2nd Generation)
  • Echo Buds Charging Case (2nd Generation)
  • Echo Frames (1st Generation)
  • Echo Frames (2nd Generation)
  • AmazonBasics Microwave
  • Amazon Smart Oven
  • Amazon Smart Plug
  • Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser

Amazon’s list of devices may be altered at a later date. Therefore, customers are recommended to check Amazon’s warranty list before purchasing an Alexa to confirm which warranty they will receive!

What is Amazon’s Warranty for Kids Alexa Devices?

What is Amazon’s Warranty for Kids Alexa Devices?

Amazon’s warranty differs for alternative Alexa models from the regular selection that customers will purchase. The Alexa/Echo Dot and Echo Show 5 (Kids Edition) warranty differs from the regular Alexa.

The Kids Edition of the Echo Dot/ Show 5 has a warranty valid for two years! This worry-free warranty enables kids to use their Echo Dot/ Show 5 to the extent and enables parents to have it repaired with little concern.

If parents find their children’s Echo Dot/ Show 5 is severely damaged, they can instead have it replaced for free as long as they return the original within 90 days!

What is Amazon’s Warranty for Alternative Alexa Devices?

Amazon’s warranty for alternative Alexa devices and accessories varies slightly from the warranty for the main models!

The following models are available for a 90-day warranty are as follows:

  • Echo Dot (2nd Generation or later)
  • Echo Dot (3rd Generation or later) with clock
  • Echo Flex
  • Echo Glow
  • Echo Input
  • Amazon Echo Remote (if purchased separately from Echo)
  • Echo Auto Dash Mount (if purchased separately from Echo)
  • Echo Auto Air Vent Mount
  • Echo Buttons
  • Echo Wall Clock
  • Disney Echo Wall Clock

Amazon’s list for 90-day warranties may alter at a later date. Therefore, before purchasing an Alexa device, customers are encouraged to double-check the Amazon warranty list to ensure they know their warranty limit!

How Do I Claim my Alexa Warranty?

In order to claim the warranty on an Alexa device, Amazon gives its customers three options.

Customers can either request a replacement, a refund, or have their Alexa repaired.

In order to ask for a refund, customers can do the following:

  1. Login to their Amazon account and tap on “My Orders”
  2. Select “Problem With Order” next to the Alexa/Echo device
  3. Choose the issue with their Alexa on Amazon’s list
  4. Tap on “Request Refund” and use the note option to provide any necessary information and submit

To request a replacement, customers may do the following:

  1. Login to their Amazon account and select Online Returns Center
  2. Choose “Return Items” on the center page
  3. Select the Echo device they previously ordered
  4. Tap on “Return or Replace Items” and select the reason for replacing the Alexa
  5. Get the Exchange Order provided by Amazon and print the Return Authorization Form
  6. Before sealing the Alexa to send for return, place the Authorization Form inside the package

In order to request a repair for an Alexa, customers must do the following:

  1. Login to their Amazon account and go to the Online Returns Center
  2. Select “Return Items”
  3. Choose the Alexa previously purchased and tag it as defective
  4. In the comment section, describe the specific issues with the Alexa
  5. Print out the return label provided by Amazon and follow the instructions for making a return listed on the Returns Center

The times for receiving a replaced or repaired Alexa will vary depending on the amount of damage and the shipping standards for the customer’s location!

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Most Amazon Alexa/Echo devices are provided with a 1-year warranty! Other Alexa devices and accessories are eligible for a 90-day warranty, such as the Echo Dot for children and the Echo Flex, including remotes and other accessories bought separately.

Customers are able to send their broken Alexa to Amazon to either be replaced or repaired. Customers may also request a refund! In order to replace or repair an Alexa, customers can find assistance through the Online Returns Center and the orders page.

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