Does Amazon Sell Pets? (Dogs, Fish, Cats, Animal Products + More)

Amazon is a global retailer selling almost everything under the sun, from electronics to auto supplies, plants to groceries, and much more.

While looking through millions of Amazon products, you may have noticed pet supplies. But does Amazon sell pets? I couldn’t help but think the same thing, so I did some investigating, and here’s what I can tell you!

Does Amazon Sell Pets

Amazon does sell small pets, such as aquarium animals like fish, snails, and shrimp. Amazon has strict shipping guidelines on its marketplace to ensure these aquatic animals arrive alive and safe. Unfortunately, Amazon does not sell any other pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, or any other type of animal.

Keep reading to discover everything you should know about buying pets and animal products on Amazon!

Does Amazon Sell Dogs?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not sell dogs, as outlined in its Animals and Animal Products policies.

Since Amazon is committed to responsible selling practices, it would be very difficult for Amazon to regulate the sale of dogs.

For the most part, buying puppies online isn’t ideal anyway due to the high amount of scammers and possible poor conditions.

Instead, shoppers who want to adopt a dog will have better luck at Petco or PetSmart than on Amazon.

However, once you find a furry friend from a reputable breeder or animal shelter, Amazon has lots of dog products for all breeds and sizes. More on that later!

Does Amazon Sell Cats?

Amazon doesn’t sell cats, either. Unlike physical pet stores that have many cats for sale, Amazon policy prohibits the sale of kittens and cats.

There are plenty of cat supplies available from the retailer, though. You can buy cat food, litter boxes, kitten toys, and more on Amazon.

Additionally, the e-commerce retailer has a great reputation for fast delivery and good prices on cat and dog supplies.

Can You Buy Fish On Amazon?

Amazon has an impressive selection of live shellfish and crustaceans for aquariums. 

In fact, Amazon merchants sell packs of colorful fish, freshwater shrimp, and snails, with careful delivery methods in place to ensure the aquatic animals arrive alive.

Goldfish, cichlids, and koi are some of the most popular tropical fish you can buy off Amazon, although many people buy snails online too. 

Amazon also sells live worms and insects for bait, farming, or pet food. However, these sales may be restricted in certain locations.

For the most part, packs of fish, shrimp, or snails are affordable on Amazon. Some fish may cost just a few dollars, while larger fish like koi could cost close to $100, depending on the seller.

How Does Amazon Ship Fish?

One of the risks of buying fish online is that they don’t make it to your front door alive. Amazon aims to mitigate this risk through specific shipping instructions.

In most cases, live fish orders need to be shipped overnight, and you must be home to accept the order. The instructions are clearly outlined before you order to ensure you know what to expect.

While Amazon Marketplace sellers may have different policies, many merchants will guarantee the fish, shrimp, or snails will arrive alive. Otherwise, they will refund your purchase.

To be safe when buying fish online, checking the delivery instructions on the product listing and your confirmation email is always a good idea.

What Animal Products Can You Buy On Amazon?

Amazon carefully regulates the sale of animal products. Currently, listings like shark teeth jewelry are permitted, along with artificial animal products such as faux tortoiseshell.

Animal products prohibited on Amazon include any species protected by the Endangered Species Act

Additionally, animal products made from injurious species listed in the Lacey Act or federally threatened species cannot be sold on Amazon either.

This includes leopard, tiger, wolf, and crocodile products, to name a few.

What Pet Care Products Can You Buy On Amazon?

In addition to fish, shrimp, and snails, Amazon has thousands of pet supplies for sale. It’s like an online pet store where you can stock up on anything you need for an aquarium, such as tanks, feeders, fish food, and decor.

With live fish available on its website, Amazon gives you the chance to create your own home aquarium with just a few clicks. It’s also a one-stop shop for anything and everything you could need for your family pets.

Amazon sells dry and wet food for dogs, cats, hamsters, and birds. Pet furniture, toys, clothing, and accessories are also offered from small and medium-sized business retailers on Amazon Marketplace.

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If you want to buy small fish, shrimp, or snails for an aquarium, you can shop on Amazon and have these aquatic animals delivered safely right to your door.

Although fish are as far as Amazon goes in terms of pet sales, there are plenty of pet supplies you can order off Amazon. The e-commerce giant has thousands of pet supplies ranging from dog beds to cat litter boxes, plus plenty of products for home aquariums.

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