Does PetSmart Sell Dogs & Puppies? (Try This Instead) 

PetSmart is one of the leading pet retailers in America that sells a huge range of food, toys, and treats for animal lovers.

Since PetSmart is a magnet for new and existing pet owners, you might wonder whether PetSmart also sells puppies and dogs. Here is what I discovered.

Does PetSmart Sell Dogs & Puppies? 

PetSmart does not sell dogs or puppies at any of its stores. Instead, PetSmart encourages the adoption of dogs and puppies through annual adoption events and on its website. PetSmart also owns a non-profit animal charity PetSmart Charities, to help animals further. 

For more information on PetSmart adoption, how much it costs, and how old you need to buy an animal from PetSmart, keep reading! 

Did PetSmart Ever Sell Dogs And Puppies? 

No, PetSmart has never sold dogs or puppies, as PetSmart was initially founded to sell pet food in bulk sizes to consumers. 

PetSmart opted not to sell dogs and puppies because many competitors outsourced their animals from inhumane puppy mills, with animals often experiencing cruelty. 

To help decrease the number of animals being euthanized each year, PetSmart has chosen instead to promote and work with adoption centers to help rehome dogs and puppies rather than sell them. 

Can I Adopt Dogs And Puppies From PetSmart? 

Yes, you can adopt dogs and puppies from PetSmart through their website and in PetSmart stores.

Additionally, PetSmart encourages adoption to help unwanted animals, including dogs and puppies, find new loving homes. 

On the PetSmart website, you can be connected to local organizations to find dogs and puppies to adopt.

Alternatively, PetSmart has 1600 stores with adoption centers inside to help you find dogs and puppies to adopt. 

What Adoption Options Does PetSmart Have For Dogs And Puppies? 

PetSmart is partnered with several charities and local organizations to facilitate the adoption of dogs and puppies.

This can be done in PetSmart stores through regular meet and greets, with special playrooms available to help enable meetings between potential owners and animals. 

PetSmart also runs adoption events, including National Adoption Weekends

How Do I Adopt Dogs And Puppies From PetSmart?

You can begin the adoption process online with PetSmart by using their adoption services to locate dogs and puppies available for adoption near you.

Once on the website, PetSmart has a location filter using your zip code to help you find dogs and puppies close to you in need of homes. 

You can also begin the adoption process for dogs and puppies in PetSmart stores, where their team will be able to assist you. 

How Much Does Adoption Cost For Dogs and Puppies From PetSmart? 

How Much Does Adoption Cost For Dogs and Puppies From PetSmart? 

PetSmart’s adoption fee for dogs and puppies begins at $100 for one animal and a pair of animals for $150. 

This fee from PetSmart includes several services for your dogs and puppies, including deworming, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, microchipping, and 30 days of free pet insurance. 

What Day Is Adoption Day At PetSmart? 

PetSmart runs four adoption events annually, with National Adoption Weekend running from June 5th to June 7th. PetSmart also operates three other adoption weekends throughout the year. 

During this time, PetSmart has reported finding 600,000 animals’ homes during the four adoption weekends. 

Why Should I Adopt Dogs and Puppies from PetSmart?  

Adoption is a fantastic option to obtain a pet as you are helping to save dogs and puppies from shelters and giving a deserving animal a second chance. 

PetSmart advocates for adoption rather than selling live dogs and puppies to help end the animal cruelty associated with selling live animals, such as puppy mills. 

PetSmart works with over 4000 different animal organizations and has aided more than 9 million adoptions through their work. 

How Old Do You Need to be to Buy an Animal from PetSmart? 

As per PetSmart’s policy, you must be 18 years of age or above to purchase or adopt any live animal from PetSmart.

Consider taking a valid form of photo ID that displays your date of birth, such as a passport or driver’s license. 

Are PetSmart Stores Friendly for Dogs and Puppies? 

As well as helping dogs and puppies find new homes through adoption, PetSmart also allows dogs and puppies in their stores. 

Dogs and puppies must be well-behaved, leashed within PetSmart stores, and fully vaccinated to keep themselves and other animals safe. PetSmart allows almost all domestic animals in stores. 

PetSmart reserves the right to prohibit any type of pet from their stores if they believe it will distress customers, staff, or other animals. 

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No, PetSmart does not sell dogs and puppies within their stores, nor have they ever sold them in stores.

This allows PetSmart to avoid other competitors’ issues, such as sourcing animals from unethical conditions like puppy mills. 

However, you can still get dogs and puppies from PetSmart, as they are committed to working with a range of organizations to help dogs and puppies get adopted.

PetSmart also runs its own non-profit charity to help animals. 

PetSmart advocates for dogs and puppies being adopted both in stores and online and runs events such as National Adoption Weekend to help animals find new homes. 

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