Does Amazon Wrap Gifts? (You’ll Be Surprised…)

Amazon carries millions of products across seemingly endless categories, from furniture to groceries, electronics to cleaning supplies.

While shopping for gifts on Amazon, you’ve probably wondered if Amazon wraps gifts. So, does Amazon wrap gifts for delivery? Here is what I learned about Amazon gift wrapping!

Does Amazon Wrap Gifts?

Amazon offers gift wrap on most items it fulfills, plus products from select sellers. The average cost of Amazon gift wrap is $3-$6 extra per item, although it varies based on what you buy. Amazon gift wrapping includes wrapping paper, a box or bag that fits the item, a decorative ribbon, and a printed card for your gift message.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of Amazon gift wrapping, then keep reading to discover everything you need to know for ordering presents with pretty packaging.

What Is Amazon Gift Wrap?

Amazon gift wrap is an optional add-on to many Amazon purchases, where you can choose to have gifts wrapped before delivery.

If you select this option, Amazon staff at the fulfillment center will package it in gift wrap, decorative boxes, or a bag that’s appropriate for the item’s size and design.

A decorative ribbon and a personalized card with your printed gift message complete the package as if you wrapped it from home.

To take advantage of Amazon’s gift-wrapping services, you need to choose items that are eligible for this service.

Most items fulfilled by Amazon can be gift-wrapped, and there are also products from select sellers that have this option.

Keep in mind that some items may not work for gift wrapping due to their unusual shape, size, or weight.

In that case, these items will be delivered in their original packaging unless you select “ship in Amazon box” during checkout to keep the contents concealed.

Large outdoor equipment or sporting gear may be too big to wrap; in that case, an Amazon box may work better.

How Much Does Amazon Gift Wrapping Cost?

The cost of wrapping gifts on Amazon ranges from $3-$6 per item.

The price for gift wrapping will usually depend on the size of the item/box and how much gift-wrapping paper will be needed.

When checking out, the price will automatically be applied to the checkout.

What’s The Difference Between Amazon Gift Wrap And Amazon Boxes?

What's The Difference Between Amazon Gift Wrap And Amazon Boxes?

When shopping on Amazon and proceeding through checkout, you may notice the options for Amazon gift wrap and Amazon boxes.

So which one is best for your gift deliveries?

Amazon gift wrap is great for holidays or when you want the gift to arrive in a festive packaging.

Think of Amazon gift wrap as the most similar to the wrapping you’d do for under your tree or bringing gifts to an in-person party.

Amazon boxes are an alternative way to send gifts while still concealing the contents.

If your selected gift isn’t eligible for Amazon gift wrap, it will usually arrive in the original packaging unless the ship-in Amazon box option is available.

Simply click that box to keep the contents a surprise for no additional cost.

Can You Personalize An Amazon Gift?

While you can’t select the wrapping paper style or color, there are some other customizations you can choose when purchasing the gift.

These include the ability to write a custom message which will be printed out on a card.

Additionally, you can remove the price information in the packaging so the receiver does not know the price.

Is Amazon Gift Wrap Available For Christmas?

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Gift Wrap?

Not only does Amazon sell thousands of gift wrap products, but it also offers affordable gift wrap add-ons for most Christmas shopping.

Amazon gift wrap is most popular during the holidays when shoppers can take advantage of quick wrapping options that speed up gift delivery.

Considering up to 80% of people leave their holiday shopping to the last minute, Amazon gift wrap comes in handy for both local and cross-country gift deliveries.

Toys, clothing, beauty products, and accessories are just some of the Amazon gifts that are usually eligible for gift wrap.

The holiday-themed wrapping maintains a festive look, and many recipients may not even know it’s from Amazon.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Gift Wrap?

With Amazon gift wrap, shoppers can cut down on those gift wrap costs and only use what they need.

While there are almost always leftover wrapping rolls after the holiday or special occasion, Amazon gift wrap helps avoid waste by wrapping gifts directly.

If you don’t have time to wrap and want to get gifts delivered directly to your family member, friend, or co-worker instead of getting them sent to you, Amazon gift wrap makes a lot of sense.

Of course, the other benefit to Amazon gift wrap is how affordable it is.

Prices usually range between $3-$6 extra per item, but it depends on the shape and size of the gift.

The price of gift wrap is displayed once you enter the shipping address.

If it saves you the time and stress of wrapping the present yourself just to put it back in the mail and send it, then Amazon gift wrap is an affordable alternative.

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If you’re running out of time to wrap presents on your own, or you want to get gifts delivered directly to the recipient, then Amazon gift wrap is a good option, especially for birthdays and during the festive season.

Most items Amazon fulfills are eligible for gift wrap and select products from Amazon Marketplace third-party sellers.

You will see the option at check-out if a product in your cart is eligible for gift wrap. Click “this will be a gift” and select your desired gift wrapping options and a free gift message.

It may cost a couple of extra dollars per present, but it could be worth it if you look for convenience and peace of mind knowing your presents will arrive ready to go.

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