Does Walmart Wrap Gifts? [All You Need To Know!]

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone you love at an affordable price, there are plenty of products on offer at Walmart, such as jewelry, toys, and tech.

However, if you want your gift to stand out, you might wonder whether or not Walmart wraps gifts. Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart Wrap Gifts?

Walmart does wrap and personalize gifts for free, which is available for a select range of products and can only be done online. Customers can find items for gift wrapping by using the Walmart gift finder. Items eligible for wrapping will be marked with a small icon of a gift box and the words “gift eligible.”

To learn more about how to get gift wrapped on, eligible products, plus more, keep on reading!

How Can I Get Gifts Wrapped At Walmart?

You cannot get gifts wrapped in any Walmart store. You can, however, choose to have the products that you purchase online gift-wrapped.

When shopping for presents on or via the Walmart gift finder, look out for the “gift eligible” icon underneath the product you want to buy. This means that the product can be wrapped before it is sent.

Any product that you request to be wrapped will arrive at its destination in a Walmart gift box with a personalized message that you write before you check out.

You can also choose to send a digital gift receipt to your recipient, in case they want to return or exchange your gift.

How Can I Send Wrapped Gifts From Walmart?

Once you have selected your eligible items for gift wrapping on the Walmart website, simply go to your cart and click “My order is a gift.”

Once you’ve done that, you will be asked to select a delivery option and to enter the recipient’s delivery address and email address. You can then choose to add a personalized message to go with your gift.

From here, you will check out as normal and the price of wrapping and personalization will be free for eligible products.

What Gifts Will Walmart Wrap?

Walmart offers gift-wrapping services on many of its online products. If you want to send a loved one beauty products, food, homeware, and more, you will be able to find products available in each section that are eligible for gift wrapping.

However, your best bet for finding products that are eligible for gift wrapping is to use Walmart’s online gift finder service.

Using this feature, you can sort your search using a number of categories:

  • Age
  • Price
  • For him
  • For her
  • Product type

Many (but not all) of the products that you can search for in the gift finder will have a gift wrap option.

You can also search exclusively for gift-eligible items by selecting the option on the sidebar when you’re browsing.

When Did Walmart Stores Stop Wrapping Gifts?

When Did Walmart Stores Stop Wrapping Gifts

Walmart stopped offering gift-wrapping services in-store after 2015.

Their in-store gift wrapping service was one of the most affordable of all major retailers and supermarkets, at just $3.88 per item you had wrapped. Your items would be wrapped in a blue box with a white ribbon.

While you cannot get your items wrapped for you at Walmart anymore, you can, however, still purchase a wide range of gift wrap supplies both in-store and online.

Where Can I Go To Get Something Gift Wrapped?

If you would like to get your gifts wrapped for you, there are plenty of stores that offer the service. Many do it for a small fee, although some stores will offer the service for free. These include:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Nordstrom
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Sephora
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Williams Sonoma
  • Bloomingdale’s (if you’re a loyalty member)

For places that charge for gift-wrapping services, the cost will usually be no more than $5 per item you have wrapped.

Remember that most of the stores that offer gift-wrapping services will only gift-wrap the items that you have purchased from them.

If you are looking to buy a gift for a special someone, you may also be interested in Walmarts jewelry engraving service, and Walmarts ring resizing service.

Additionally, you can also see our guide on whether or not Target wraps gifts for its customers.


Walmart will wrap your gifts for you, but only those that you order online and are eligible for their gift-wrapping service. Any item that you have gift-wrapped by Walmart will arrive at its destination in a blue gift box with a personalized message.

This service used to be available in-store as well (and at a very affordable price!), but unfortunately, Walmart put a stop to it after 2015.

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