Does Target Wrap Gifts? (How To Do It, Prices + More)

Target is the eighth-largest retailer in the US, selling a range of products from groceries and essential items, to clothing, electronics, and gifts.

Gift wrapping is an excellent service for those who either don’t enjoy wrapping presents or those who simply don’t have the time, but does Target wrap gifts? Read more to find out what I found in my research!

Does Target Wrap Gifts?

Target does provide an all-year-round gift wrapping service which is available online on the website. Most items available for purchase on can be gift wrapped with a personalized message for $5.99. Unforuntaly, Target does not wrap gifts in-store.

But how do you get your items gift-wrapped by Target when you’re ordering them? Can you get your gift wrapped in the store? Are there any items Target won’t be able to gift wrap? What kind of gift wrap do they use? Read on to find out more!

How To Order Gift Wrapping at Target

When ordering your purchase(s) on Target’s website, be sure to add gift wrap to an item in your cart:

  1. Mark the checkbox next to “My order contains a gift”
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Under “Gift Options”, you have the option to enter a “From Name” and a gift message for the recipient
  4. To add gift wrap, mark the checkbox next to “Wrap for $5.99”

Gift wrapping must be added to your order during checkout. Target will be unable to make changes to your order once it has been submitted.

Target’s Gift Wrapping Prices Online

Target offers gift wrapping for online orders at a flat rate of $5.99, and orders containing multiple of the same item will be grouped and wrapped together for the same flat rate of $5.99.

Does Target Wrap Gifts In-Store?

Unfortunately, Target does not offer gift wrapping services for purchases made in-store. Some select stores did provide this service in the past years, but it now seems that no Target stores provide this service.

However, there have been reports that some Target stores will wrap gifts from November to December during the Christmas season.

What Items Can Be Gift Wrapped At Target?

The only items that Target does not offer gift wrapping on are; Order Pick-up items, items sold by Target +™ Partner, large items including furniture, car seats, play yards, televisions, and other select items that ship directly from the manufacturer.

Does Target Wrap Registry Items?

Yes, Target is able to wrap baby and wedding registry gifts when purchased online only. When checking out, customers can check the “My order contains a gift,” in which the present can be selected to wrap and have a personal note.

What Gift Wrapping Do Target Use?

What Gift Wrapping Do Target Use?

Gift wrap styles and colors for Target are limited and may change frequently. These styles can range from gift boxes or gift bags, depending on the size required, and will feature red, white, and bullseye designs.

You are still able to write a message and enter a “From name” for the recipient of the gift. But what if you’d prefer different colors or something unique?

Does Target Sell Wrapping Paper?

If you’d prefer to wrap your own gifts, Target has a wide selection of gift wrap, gift bags, ribbon, tissue paper, bows and gift tags available to purchase on their website and in-store.

Check out the “Gift Wrap, Bags, Accessories” category on their website to discover what they have on offer and what unique gift wrap you can use!

To learn more, you can see our related post on whether or not Walmart wraps gifts!

Conclusion: Does Target Wrap Gifts?

Yes, Target does wrap gifts for customers, however it is only an online service and is unavailable for Order Pick-up Items, items sold by a Target +™ Partner, large items including furniture, car seats, play yards and televisions, and other select items that ship directly from the manufacturer.

However, Target does offer a flat rate for gift wrapping services, meaning if you order multiple of the same item, these items will be grouped and wrapped for the same flat rate of $5.99.

Meaning, even if you order extra chocolate in your gift, it will still be wrapped together for the same fee. It’s super easy to add to your items in your online cart as well, and you can include a gift message and Sender Name for your recipient!

Target offers this service all year round for most online orders, and if you find yourself unable to order online, there is still a wide selection of gift wrap and accessories to purchase from Target to personalize your gift.

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