Does Asda Sell Stamps? [Types, Prices + Where To Find Them]

If you want to send a letter, you can go to Asda to purchase the pens, stationery, and envelopes to do that.

However, can you also buy stamps at Asda to send parcels and letters? Here’s everything you need to know about buying stamps at Asda!

Does Asda Sell Stamps?

Asda does sell a wide range of stamps. Customers can buy both first and second-class postage stamps in many of Asda’s Superstores and Supermarkets, as well as online at The price of the stamps at Asda starts from 66p.

So, where exactly can I find stamps at Asda, and how much will they cost? Read on to discover what I found out about buying stamps at Asda.

What Stamps Does Asda Sell?

Asda sells standard Royal Mail stamps, including standard first-class, standard second-class, large first-class, and large second-class stamps.

You can use these stamps to post letters, cards, and documents within the UK. They also sell stamps in bundles of either four, six, or 12, both in-store and online.

How Much Do Stamps Cost At Asda?

 The price of individual stamps at Asda are:

  • 66p for a second class stamp for a standard letter.
  • 96p for a second class stamp for a large letter.
  • 85p for a first-class stamp for a standard letter.
  • £1.29 for a first-class stamp for a large letter.

To buy stamps in bundles of between four and 12 in Asda, the price will be higher. For example, for a book of 12 standard first-class stamps, you can expect to pay £10.20.

To check out the prices of the stamp bundles you want to buy from Asda before going in-store, you can search for ‘stamps’ online on the Asda website.

Where Can I Buy Stamps At Asda?

Most of Asda’s physical shops, including their Supermarkets and larger Superstores, will sell stamps. You can find your local Asda by using the store locator.

Stamps will be stocked and sold from the shop’s cigarette kiosk, which is usually located near the entrance.

When at the kiosk, simply ask the customer service representative at the till for the type of stamp you want, and tell them how many you would like to buy.

Can I Buy Stamps Online At Asda?

In addition to checking out the price of stamps online on the Asda website, you can also order bundles of stamps to be delivered to your door!

The price of stamps is the same on the Asda website as it is in-store. However, be aware that you may have to pay a delivery fee, depending on how much you spend on your online order in total.

Asda places an additional basket charge of £3 on online orders for delivery that comes to less than £40, and for Click & Collect orders that cost less than £25.

The delivery time will vary depending on how many delivery slots Asda has available when you place your order.

If an Asda is far from your home, you can also visit Tesco, Safeway, and CVS to buy stamps also.


You can purchase stamps from most of Asda’s Superstores and Supermarkets, although you should bear in mind that you cannot buy stamps from Asda Living stores.

The price for individual stamps starts at 66p for standard second class, and goes up to £1.29 if you need a large first-class stamp. The cost is higher if you want to buy stamps in bundles.

It is also possible to buy stamps through the Asda website. The prices are the same on their online store, but you may have to pay an additional delivery charge.

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