Does Safeway Sell Stamps (Prices, Types, Locations, Where In Store + More)?

There are many retail and grocery stores that either has a post office location in-store, or who are authorized to sell postage stamps.

So if you shop at Safeway, you may wonder if they are able to sell stamps. If so, continue reading through this article to see what I found out!

Does Safeway Sell Stamps?

All Safeway locations in Canada and the United States are authorized to sell booklets of 20 stamps. Unlike the post office, Safeway is open 7 days a week, meaning customers who require stamps can easily locate them at their local Safeway store anytime during their operational hours.

If you’d like to learn more about the types of stamps that Safeway sells, how much their stamps cost, and more, continue reading!

Does Safeway Sell Individual Stamps?

Safeway does not have a post office kiosk inside their stores and therefore is only authorized to sell stamp booklets.

These usually come in sheets of 20 stamps and can be requested at the store reception desk.

Which Stamps Does Safeway Sell?

Safeway stock Forever Stamps, which are stamps that can be used at any time and do not decrease in value as the prices of stamps continue to rise.

The stamps Safeway sells do not expire, can be saved for later use, and are comparatively cheaper than purchasing individual stamps from the post office.

How Much Do Stamps Cost At Safeway In Canada?

Booklets of 20 stamps sold at Safeway cost about $18.40 ($0.92 per individual stamp), which is cheaper than buying individual stamps at the post office, which currently costs $1.07 per stamp.

A benefit to purchasing stamp booklets from Safeway is that they are cheaper and do not have to be used within a certain period, like regular stamps, because their value does not decrease over time.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Safeway In The United States?

In the United States, stamp booklet prices currently sit at $0.55 USD per individual stamp.

Therefore, to purchase a booklet of 20 stamps at Safeway would cost about $11.00 USD for the forever stamps.

Do All Safeway Locations Sell Stamps?

Do All Safeway Locations Sell Stamps?

All Safeway store locations in Canada and the US currently sell stamp booklets.

Additionally, some of the Safeway gas stations also make these forever stamp booklets available for purchase.

Where In Safeway Can I Locate Stamps?

In order to purchase stamps at Safeway, customers must request them at the reception/customer service desk.

Safeway currently only sells sheets of 20 forever stamps, so if customers need more than that, they have to request multiple booklets of stamps.

Which Other Grocery Stores Sell Stamps?

In addition to Safeway, a number of grocery and drug stores sell stamps in Canada and the United States.

Some of these stores have post office departments that can sell multiple types of stamps and mail out packages, while others are only able to sell stamp booklets. These stores are as follows:

Stores With Post Offices:

  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • London Drugs

Stores That Sell Stamps:

  • Walmart
  • Save on Foods
  • No Frills
  • Whole Foods
  • Costco
  • Loblaw/ Sobeys

Customers should take note that the above list only includes chain grocery stores, although locally-owned grocery stores in your area may also be qualified to sell stamp booklets.

To learn more about the other stores selling stamps, you may also read our related articles on whether or not Kroger sells stamp, if CVS sells stamps, and if Aldi sells stamps.


All Safeway locations sell 20-stamp booklets of forever stamps, which customers can purchase and use at any point in time, as these stamps don’t expire.

Safeway sells the stamps both in their store at the reception desk and at the Safeway gas station.

For Canadian customers, the stamp booklets at Safeway cost around $18.00 CDN.

For United States customers, the booklets will come out to about $11.00 USD. Finally, other grocery stores such as Costco, Walgreens, and Walmart Superstore sell stamp booklets.

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