Does AutoZone Install Radios? (Try This Instead)

As a car owner, you need to work with professionals to install most accessories in your car, especially if you don’t have the technical skills.

If you need to install a radio, can the country’s largest auto parts chain install it for you? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does AutoZone Install Radios In 2024?

Unfortunately, AutoZone does not install radios in 2024. Instead, customers will need to find another shop or store. However, AutoZone sells stereos, speakers, and audio accessories you might need for your car. If you want to install the radio yourself, you can buy an installation kit from AutoZone or get tips from the staff about how to do it.

For more information about whether AutoZone installs radios and how the process works, keep on reading for more useful facts and tips!

Why Doesn’t AutoZone Install Radios?

AutoZone doesn’t install radios for several reasons, including the following:

1. It Needs Specialized Expertise

Car stereos and audio equipment need specialized expertise. During installation, you need to take safety precautions, because you’re dealing with fragile components and electrical parts.

Therefore, the company will refer you to another store with the right professionals to get your radio installed correctly.

2. It’s a Time-Consuming Process

Radio installation can be complicated depending on the car model. It involves connecting a lot of wiring components, which can be time-consuming.

Since AutoZone provides tons of auto parts services, it refers car owners to other service providers for radio installation and has the staff handle other activities.

3. It Can Be Costly

Installing a radio can be expensive because it involves a lot of components. For AutoZone to install one for you, AutoZone needs to have specialized staff who can handle this job, increasing its labor costs.

How Do You Install Car Stereos Using AutoZone Products?

How Do You Install Car Stereos Using AutoZone Products?

Now that we’ve established that AutoZone doesn’t install radios, how much will the process cost you?

Your total price will vary depending on the brand, cost, and size of the equipment, features, and the person fixing it.

Ideally, radio installation costs range from $25 to $100. However, if you install the radio manually, the price may drop below $25.

If you use an electronic service or car shop for the installation, the price might go up to about $50 to $200. However, if your radio system is more complex, the cost can go over $500.

While professionals are more expensive, they are better skilled and will install the radio to last longer.

For car owners that prefer DIY, the total installation cost is about $10 to $30, and AutoZone sells stereo installation kits that range from $15 to $26.

You also need to factor in the radio purchase costs when calculating the installation costs.

For instance, if you buy a radio from AutoZone, the prices for different brands range from $40 to $400, depending on the particular type you purchase.

What Other Stores and Places Install Radios in Cars?

If you need a radio installed, you’ll have to buy the accessories from AutoZone and have them installed by another service provider such as Best Buy and Walmart.

Best Buy has autotechs across its U.S. locations that can handle radio installation.

In addition, the company will handle this installation even if you bought your products somewhere else like AutoZone.

Installation prices vary depending on the specific service you need. For instance, if you need a satellite radio installation, the cost is $39.99-$79.99. If you need a standard speaker, Best Buy will charge you $64.99.

Walmart also provides car stereo installation, which is done by its partner company InstallerNet.

However, this service can only be provided if you order the car stereo online from their website.

Additionally, this service is only available for a select number of car stereos. Once you book an appointment with InstallerNet, the standard installation is priced at $64.99.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Radio?

This radio installation process might take about two hours if you’re inexperienced. However, a professional might take 30 minutes to one hour to complete the task.

However, the installation time varies greatly depending on the car make and model and the car stereo system.

For instance, if you’re only installing a new head unit, it will take a shorter time than installing the unit plus a subwoofer, an amplifier, a set of speakers, and a subwoofer box.

In addition, each car is designed differently and has a unique stereo system.

If your vehicle is old, the installation is much more complex and time-consuming because the technology is outdated.

Your dashboard design also plays a role in how long the process takes- if it’s too big or too small, you have to ensure that it’s aesthetically pleasing.

On average, the installation process should take between one and four hours. However, you should confirm with your auto shop the exact time.

What Types of Radios From AutoZone Can You Install?

AutoZone has different types of stereo brands in its product catalog for car owners to choose from. You can either buy stereos from Boss Audio, Dual Electronics, or Kenwood.

All these audio systems have different features and prices, so you should choose one that aligns with your car’s needs.

Can You Install a New Radio From AutoZone in Any Car?

Car stereos are not universal, but are designed to fit particular cars.

Therefore, during installation, you need to ensure that the stereo system you purchase is meant for your vehicle model.

However, when buying the stereo system, you need to check whether it’s labeled double DIN or single-DIN. Some of these slots in your car have the exact measurements globally, making them universal in size.

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AutoZone doesn’t install radios, but the company sells a selection of stereos, speakers, and audio accessories you might need for your car and installation kits. Therefore, you can order stereo and radio accessories from its website.

Radio installation costs vary greatly depending on the brand, car make and model, and type of installation work needed. Therefore, you need to carefully check that the stereo system aligns with your car before purchasing.

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