Does Best Buy Convert VHS To DVD? (Try This Instead)

Many people have their old and precious memories preserved inside VHS tapes, but with the technological advancement now, they cannot view them because VHS players are obsolete.

Since Best Buy sells a wide range of DVDs and Photo Printers, you may wonder: does Best Buy convert VHS to DVD? Read on to discover!

Does Best Buy Convert VHS To DVD?

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not convert VHS to DVD. However, Best Buy sells software that can convert VHS to DVD alongside iMemories kits which can be sent off for converting various videotapes. Alternatively, customers can visit Walgreens to Walmart for VHS to DVD conversions.

Read on for more insight on converting VHS to DVD, what Best Buy offers, and alternative locations!

Best Buy Customers Can Try This Instead

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not convert VHS to DVD for its customers.

However, you can purchase any Best Buys VHS converter software and follow the instructions given to convert your VHS to DVD.

Additionally, the Pinnacle software can convert VHS, such as Betamax, DV, VHS, Hi-8 + more.

The following is a list of VHS to DVD converter software with prices you can purchase from Best Buy:

  • Roxio – Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus – Windows at $39.99
  • Roxio – Easy VHS to DVD for Mac – Mac at $49.99
  • VIDBOX – VHS to DVD 9.0 Deluxe – Windows at $ 59.99

Additionally, some Best Buy locations also have iMemories kits available.

With this service, you place your VHS tape, 8mm film, and photos in a box which is then sent to be processed.

In some Best Buy stores, customers can buy this kit; otherwise, they can go directly to the iMemories website and order the service from there.

Which Other Stores Besides Best Buy Can I Get My VHS Converted To DVD?

Since Best Buy may not convert your VHS to DVD, you may visit credible stores for quality services.

Examples of stores you can get your VHS converted to DVD are;

If you plan to visit any other store, do thorough background research on customer reviews to avoid losing your best-kept memories.

Will Best Buy Guide Me On How To Convert VHS To DVD?

Yes, Best Buy guides its customers on how to convert their old videotapes to DVDs.

All you need to do is ask for assistance from the retail employee after purchasing your VHS to DVD software, and you will be good to go.

If you have any problems converting while at home, contact Best Buys Geek Squad remote support, and the agents will be at your service 24/7/ via chat or calling them on 1-800-433-5778.

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Best Buy may not convert your VHS to DVD, but it offers customers the most advanced VHS to DVD converter software at very affordable prices.

Talk to Best Buy’s remote support Geek Squad for 24/7 assistance in converting your VHS to DVD, or visit a commendable store for commendable services.

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