Does Best Buy Build PCs? (All You Need To Know)

Best Buy has grown over the years to be among the leading electronic stores in America that offer customers fast, reliable, and efficient electronic solutions.

With Best Buy’s high popularity in the consumer electronics industry, customers often wonder, does Best Buy build PCs? Here’s what I found out!

Does Best Buy Build PCs?

Best Buy does build PCs for customers, which is offered by Best Buy’s Geek Squad service. Once computer parts have been purchased, a Geek Squad employee will quote you the price and time frame to build the PC. Typical costs are around $99 and can take several days to build.

If you are interested in gaining more insight into how Geek Squad can build your PC, the cost of building a PC, and much more, keep reading!

How Much Does Best Buy Charge To Build A PC?

Best Buy will charge customers building a PC differently depending on whether they need a package of computer parts from Best Buy or whether they only need service from Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

For instance, if you intend to buy packages such as Asus TUF Gaming X570- Plus, MSI-B550 Gaming Plus, or Samsung-980 Pro 1TB PCI-E, Best Buy will offer different prices for different packages.

It would be advisable to contact your local Best Buy store or visit to find the exact amount of the package you intend to use for a PC building.

In case you need in-store hardware installation, Best Buy will charge you $39.99 for the services and will provide an in-home PC set up for $99.99.

Can You Build A PC With Parts From Best Buy?

Yes, you can build a PC with parts purchased from Best Buy.

Best Buy sells PC parts and provides an excellent option for people who would need pre-built computers rather than brand-new ones.

Additionally, the PC parts at Best Buy help consumers to upgrade a part on their old PC without having to buy a new one to enjoy the efficiency of a single computer part within their PC.

In case you need to upgrade components of gaming desktops of brands such as iBUYPOWER, ASUS, HP OMEN, Alienware, Dell, Lenovo, and MSI, Geek Squad will help you upgrade using new computer parts.

Can I Pay Best Buy To Build My PC?

Can I Pay Best Buy To Build My PC?

Yes, you can pay Best Buy to help you build a PC or gaming PC.

If you require a pre-built computer instead of a new one, Best Buy’s Geek Squad can help you build your PC.

The process will need that you provide the computer components to Geek Squad for them to combine them carefully into a finished product.

Alternatively, you can decide to buy the premade computer parts at Best Buy and have the Geek Squad assemble the parts into a complete computer.

It is important to always confirm the compatibility of all parts with the Best Buy agent before you start the assembly process.

How Long Does Best Buy Take To Build A PC?

Best Buy does not provide the exact amount of time taken to build or set up a PC.

Instead, Best Buy confirms that the amount of time is variable and dependent on the level of work required to set up a customer’s computer and the input of Best Buy’s in-store agents.

It normally takes a couple of days for Best Buy to complete building a PC, but it would be best to contact your Best Buy store to get a more precise time for building a PC.

Does Best Buy Sell PC Parts In-Store?

Fortunately, Best Buy sells computer parts, including hard drives, video cards, cases, power supplies, RAM, and Corsair-brand CPU water coolers, among other computer parts.

While you can get the computer parts to build on your PC, Best Buy’s Geek Squad will help you purchase a compatible computer part and advice on which part to buy for an upgrade.

Does Best Buy Buy Used Computer Parts?

Best Buy does not literally buy used computer parts but runs a trade-in program that allows customers to trade used computer parts with store credit.

Best Buy offers customers a choice to either trade computer parts for a Best Buy gift card or offer the computer parts for recycling.

It is important to note that the trade-in exchange will rely on Best Buy’s trade-in estimator before you are given Best Buy’s gift card.

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Best Buy offers excellent services in computer assembly and set-up using pre-made computer parts. All you have to do is ensure that you get compatible parts for Geek Squad to help you build your PC.

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