Does Best Buy Have Layaway? (Try This Instead) 

It is not every time that customers have the full amount for the item that they desire. When this happens, layaway is a great option that allows customers to still get products.

With Best Buy providing a wide variety of high-quality electronics, most customers often find themselves inquiring, does Best Buy have layaways? Read on to find out if it does! 

Does Best Buy Have Layaway?

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not have layaway. Best Buy does not offer customers layaways but offers alternative financing methods such as the use of Best Buy credit cards and lease-to-own options. Consequently, customers can select a payment method that does not necessitate 100% payment in cash. 

If you want to know more about the layaways at Best Buy and whether you can do layaways online at Best Buy, keep reading! 

Best Buy Customers Can Try This Instead

While Best Buy officially does not have in-store or online layaway, they do provide customers with alternative financing options since the store does not allow the use of layaways during the purchase of items. 

Instead of layaways, customers can lease an item at Best Buy or use a credit card under Best Buy to purchase the item they desire. 

The Progressive lease allows you to lease an item with installment payments for up to 12 months from the day of purchase. 

Once you complete paying the installments for Progressive Leasing, you can comfortably own the item. 

The other alternative method of financing yourself is using the My Best Buy Credit Card which allows you to purchase items on credit at Best Buy. 

At Best Buy, the use of credit cards and the lease-to-own option only applies once a sent application is approved. 

Can You Finance At Best Buy With No Credit?

Yes, you can finance items at Best Buy with no credit. 

Although Best Buy does not offer layaways, customers can finance their purchases with no credit through Best Buy’s Progressive Leasing. 

For you to enjoy Best Buy’s Progressive Leasing platform, you will have to send an application for review and approval by Best Buy employees. 

Best Buy usually sends instant responses to all applicants to let them know whether the application was successful or not. 

Applicants must have active checking accounts, a routing number, and be 18 years of age or more. 

Once the application is approved, the customer is subjected to a 12-month standard agreement and a low recurring payment option. 

Best Buy offers customers Progressive Leasing rewards if they purchase the leased item within 90 days or buy out before the expected date for the final payment. 

Can I Do Layaway Online At Best Buy?

Can I do Layaway Online at Best Buy?

Unfortunately, you cannot do layaways online at Best Buy. 

The financing policy at Best Buy excludes layaways and includes the use of credit cards or leasing-to-own options instead. 

Therefore, customers can purchase their desired items without using instant cash on purchased items. 

The flexibility of these alternative financing methods comes along with tailor-made rewards that help you save more money. 

Does Best Buy Have Layaway All Year Round?

Best Buy does not have layaway all year round since the store does not offer layaways as a financing option for purchasing. 

Therefore, customers should not wait for all-year-round timing for a layaway period at Best Buy. 

However, they can check out other convenient payment plans at Best Buy and find what works best for them. 

Both Progressive Leasing and the use of credit cards help customers buy their desired items without stressing about instant payments. 

Can You Put A TV On Layaway At Best Buy?

You cannot put a TV on layaway at Best Buy because the store’s policy does not allow layaways. 

Instead of seeking Layaways, you can use My Best Buy Credit Card or Progressive Leasing to purchase the TV at your convenient type. 

Does Best Buy Offer 24 Month Financing Through Layaways?

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not offer financing through Layaways. 

Best Buy offers two credit cards, My Best Buy Credit Card and My Best Buy Visa card, financing through Citibank. Each credit card has deferred interest financing for 6-24 months. 

However, the eligibility for financing is dependent on the amount and items or services being purchased. 

Does Best Buy accept Afterpay financing?

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not accept Afterpay as one of the financing options.

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Best Buy does not offer layaways for product financing. Instead, the store offers its customers alternative financing methods so that they can purchase their delivered items. 

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