Does Best Buy Match Apple Education Pricing? (Your Complete Guide) 

Apple’s education pricing offers attractive discounts on all Apple products, such as MacBooks and iPads to college students, teachers, and school staff at all educational levels. 

Since Best Buy sells Apple products both in-store and online, you may be wondering if Best Buy matches Apple’s education pricing. I’ve researched, and here is what I’ve found out! 

Does Best Buy Match Apple Education Pricing? 

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not match Apple Education Pricing because its price match policy does not consider offers from competitor stores. Alternatively, Best Buy offers College Student Deals that allow eligible students and their parents to buy Apple products at discounted prices. 

If you want to learn more about how students can get discounts on Apple products at Best Buy, what is Best Buy’s College Student Deals program, and much more, keep reading! 

Does Best Buy Price Match Apple Discounts? 

Best Buy does not price match Apple discounts due to the limitations specified in Best Buy’s price matching policy. 

According to Best Buy’s policy, the store will only price-match items that are not sold as part of a discount or other promotional offer at a competitor’s store. 

Does The Apple Student Discount Apply At Best Buy? 

Unfortunately, the Apple Student Discount does not apply when buying Apple products from Best Buy. 

Instead, the student discount offered by Apple is exclusively available at Apple in-store and on 

Can You Get Student Discounts For Apple Products At Best Buy? 

Can You Get Student Discounts For Apple Products At Best Buy

Customers can get discounts for Apple products at Best Buy by signing up for Best Buy’s College Student Deals. 

The College Student Deals allow eligible students and parents of students to get products such as Apple MacBooks, iPads, and iMacs at exclusive discounted prices. 

Note that students must select their university, college, or junior college while signing up to be eligible. 

Additionally, only accredited schools in the U.S are eligible for Best Buy student deals, so you must belong to one of these to qualify. 

Once you have entered the information, Best Buy will use a third-party company to verify the information and confirm that you are enrolled (or have been enrolled) at the named institution. 

Although the online sign-up process is easy to complete, you can also opt to call Best Buy at (888) 237-8289 and get assistance from Best Buy employees. 

Remember that in some cases, Best Buy might require proof of enrollment by asking you to provide an official transcript. 

How Can You Use Student Discounts For Apple Products At Best Buy? 

Once you have signed up for Best Buy’s College Student Discount Program, you can use your account to get discounts on select Apple products. 

After logging into your account, click the ‘Get Your Deals’ button to be redirected to the student discount page on Best Buy’s website. 

If you spot the Apple product you are interested in purchasing, you should click on the ‘Shop Now’ button and add it to the virtual shopping cart. 

However, ensure that the product has the ‘Student Deal’ stamp next to it. Products that are not eligible for student discounts will not have this stamp in the product info. 

When you add the Apple product(s) in the virtual cart, Best Buy will not show you the discount amount until you go to the Payment Information Page. 

On the Payment Information Page, Best Buy will reveal how much discount you received under the “Offers and Rewards” section. 

Click on the ‘Apply’ button next to the offers so that the discount is deducted from the original amount of your order. 

Note that student discounts on Apple products and other brands may not be available all year round, with high availability during back-to-school months like July, August, and September. 

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Best Buy does not match Apple Education Pricing since Best Buy’s price matching policy excludes offers by other authorized retailers. 

Instead, Best Buy offers its own College Student Discount Program which students from accredited U.S. colleges, universities, and junior colleges can sign up for.

Using this program, customers can get multiple discounts on select Apple products. 

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