Does Best Buy Negotiate Prices? (Your Full Guide)

As a consumer trying to get value for your money, it is always common to seek price reductions for the items you intend to purchase.

Best Buy, being one of the leading multinational consumer electronics in America, you might be wondering: does Best Buy negotiate prices? Read on and get enlightened!

Does Best Buy Negotiate Prices?

Best Buy does allow customers to negotiate the price of items at the time of sale. The store adheres to a Price Match Guarantee policy which permits customers to compare prices with other competitors’ prices and request a discount. The policy covers only new items and does not apply to clearance and open-box items.

If you want to know more about the Price Match Policy, the acceptable amount of discounts, and whether you can get discounts during exchanges or returns, you should continue reading!

Can You Haggle Price At Best Buy?

You can always haggle prices at Best Buy at the time of purchase. Whether you purchase online or in physical stores, you are guaranteed a price reduction through the Price Match Guarantee Policy.

Best Buy allows customers to haggle prices at the time of sale by matching the prices to the competitor’s prices.

Therefore, customers can always countercheck selling prices by online and physical retailers and request discounts.

In addition to this, the Price Match Guarantee policy allows customers to compare prices across all Best Buy purchase platforms: in-store, online, and app purchases, and simultaneously make discount requests.

The Price Match Guarantee Policy also makes it possible for customers to request discounts during the exchange or return period if the store lowers the item’s price in online and physical stores.

Additionally, there have also been some reports of customers simply asking for the best cash price available.

Depending on the Best Buy staff member, customers were able to get a reduced price, but this was typically reserved for purchases above the $1,000 range.

Can You Negotiate Open Box At Best Buy?

Yes, you can negotiate an open-box item price, but the Price Match Guarantee policy at Best Buy does not include open box items.

Therefore, you can talk to the salespersons to reduce the item’s price without comparing the prices of the same item at different stores.

How Much Of A Discount Do You Get At Best Buy?

How Much Of A Discount Do You Get At Best Buy?

The total amount of discounts for customers depends on the Price Match Guarantee policy and your negotiation skills as a customer. Therefore, if you consider matching the prices, the total discount will depend on how much other retailers sell the same item.

You can always get a discount if you engage the salesperson and request a price reduction. Depending on your negotiation skills, you can manage to purchase an item at a price lower than the selling price.

Price discounts for customers at Best Buy are also applicable when you check out for bundles and package deals rather than buying single items on sale.

Best Buy employees also get special discounts that do not apply to other customers. The standard amount of employee discount is Cost + 5%.

This means that if an item has a retail price of $ 100, and Best Buy paid $70 for it, then the employee gets it at $73.50.

It is important to note that only employees who have worked for Best Buy for more than three months can qualify for the employees discounts.

Additionally, some items on Best Buy, such as Apple products and Geek Squad services, do not qualify for employee discounts.

How Do You Negotiate A Lower Price?

Negotiating for a lower price often helps you talk down the prices and save a buck. Therefore, it is important to learn some of the most common techniques that will guarantee you a price reduction at the time of sale. Here are a few:

  • Please do your research on the prices of the item: It is always easier to negotiate you are aware of the prices. Consequently, before you set out to shop, consider researching different prices by the competitors and taking advantage of applicable price-matching policies.
  • Request for price reductions through the salesperson: You should never hesitate to talk to the salesperson about getting a discount as a customer. You might get a huge discount when you speak out.
  • Check for special timing: checking for timing is only applicable when you understand the business. For instance, requesting lower prices when the business is low might help you save a dollar.

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Best Best Buy allows customers to negotiate prices of items per the Price Match Guarantee Policy. As a customer, all you have to do is ensure that you abide by the terms and conditions of the policy before requesting the discount.

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