Does Target Price Match Best Buy? (Full Guide)

To keep its customers happy and loyal, Target offers price matching in-store, online, and on the Target app, even for desirable and high price items like technology, consoles, and games.

However, with Best Buy offering constant competition to Target for electronics products, you may be wondering if Target is able to price match Best Buy. Here is what I’ve discovered about this!

Does Target Price Match Best Buy?

Target will price match Best Buy for electronics goods in-store, online, and through the Target app. You must provide proof of the lower price through a digital or printed advertisement. Price match requests can be made at the time of purchase, or up to 14 days after purchase.

If you want to know more about how to price match in Target, what items Target can and cannot price match, and Target’s price adjustment policy, keep on reading!

What Is Target’s Price Match Policy For Best Buy?

Customers can price match Best Buy from Target (including all electronics from smartphones, computers, gaming consoles, cameras, monitors, etc.) through their price match system. 

For a price match, Target shoppers need to bring proof of a bargain at Best Buy (such as a printed ad or through the Best Buy website displayed on a mobile or tablet) to the checkout, and Target can match the price!

If using the Target app, certify the app is displaying the correct price for the current store location.

A price match at Target for a retailer such as Best Buy can be done at the time of purchase, or even up to 14 days afterward through Target’s price adjustment policy.

Additionally, Target shoppers will need to ensure the item they wish to price match with Best Buy is identical in every way.

Including bearing the same brand name, being the same size and weight, the same color, being bought in the same quantity, and displaying the correct model number.

Items you wish to price match must be in stock at both Target and Best Buy at the time you wish to purchase.

How Do I Price Match in a Target Store?

Any checkout lane at a Target store is able to complete your request for a price match with Best Buy, provided you have sufficient proof.

Once at the register, simply ask an employee for assistance. Once they confirm the item is identical and in stock, you will then receive the lower advertised price from Best Buy.

What Other Stores Does Target Price Match?

To keep prices for electronics competitive, Target can price match several competitors who also stock the latest technology. These include,,, and

By using price matches with other retail competitors, shoppers can guarantee always getting the best value for money for their electronics at Target.

How Do I Price Match On

How Do I Price Match On

To initiate a price match request for items sold on, you should contact Target’s Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 and describe the product for which you found a lower price elsewhere.

As is the in-store process, the Guest Services employee will independently verify the lower price and adjust the price you are paying at online checkout accordingly.

Does Best Buy Price Match Target?

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not price match Target either in-store or online as it does not consider it a local retail competitor.

However, Best Buy does price match the following online retailers:


What Are The Exceptions In Target’s Price Match Policy?

While Target price match can help you save money, there are some notable exceptions you should be mindful of when trying to price match with Best Buy.

For example, the Target stores in Alaska and Hawaii do not offer price matching, and price matching is altogether unavailable from Thanksgiving to a full week after Thanksgiving. 

If your desired item is out of stock at Target or Best Buy, Target is unable to offer you a rain check. 

You cannot combine the following coupons with price matching in Target, Target circle offers, gift card offers, registry completion coupons, and Target coupons. You may be able to use the manufacturer’s coupons but check with your local Target for restrictions.

Clearance, damaged, pre-owned, on promotion, or advertised as money-off items are excluded from the price match at Target. Pricing due to typographical errors, coupon errors, bundled offers, free items, rebates, or mail-in offers is also excluded. 

Features of a Target store such as contract mobile phones and plans, optical, product services, clinic and pharmacy purchases, or game reservations will also not be price matched by Target.

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Conclusion: Does Target Price Match Best Buy?

Target does price match Best Buy in-store, online, and on the Target app. If customers find an identical item cheaper at Best Buy, they can provide printed or digital proof of the item to Target to price match. Note that price matches can be made at the time of purchase, or up to 14 days after purchase with Target’s price adjustment policy.

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