Does Big Lots Deliver? (All You Need to Know)

Big Lots offers fantastic indoor and outdoor furniture and mattresses. But after you have made your purchase, how do you get it home in one piece?

Well, if you’re curious whether Big Lots delivers to help you deal with the inconvenience of getting your furniture home, then read on and find out!

Does Big Lots Deliver In 2024?

Big Lots offers nationwide delivery to its shoppers on all purchases under various schemes to optimize convenience in 2024. Moreover, a shopper gets unlimited Big! Delivery services for a flat rate of $149. Big Lots also offers expedited delivery at an extra cost. The delivery services are available to shoppers both online and in-store.

Keep reading if you wish to know all about Big Lots delivery services and options, including whether Big Lots delivers to your apartment and much more!

Does Big Lots Offer Nationwide Delivery?

Big Lots has partnered with Instacart to deliver essentials and groceries nationwide.

Additionally, Big Lots’ distribution centers in Alabama, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, and Oklahoma facilitate carton flow.

The retailer has also added two more distribution centers to handle bulk products, increasing its delivery reach. Besides, Big Lots stores are spread throughout the US, and many have their delivery programs.

Therefore, you are most likely to get your favorite Big Lots product wherever you are in the US.

Where Will Big Lots Deliver My Items?

According to the Big Lots delivery policy, purchased items should be delivered at the first available dry space in the customer’s home, which could be in your front room, or your front yard.

However, Big Lots will deliver to a room of your choice for an extra charge.

Will Big Lots Deliver to My Apartment?

Big Lots will deliver to your apartment, subject to agreement and delivery policies.

Note that your delivery charges will depend on how many stairs up your deliverer has to haul your furniture.

Does Big Lots Deliver to a Non-Billing Address?

Big Lots delivers to a different address rather than the customer’s billing address.

In this case, you’re required to indicate the delivery address during the checkout process or update it in your Big Lots account if you haven’t placed an order.

Moreover, if you have placed the order and later changed your mind about where you want it delivered, you can cancel the order and put it again.

Can I Get Same Day Delivery With My Order?

Big Lots offers same-day delivery on all items available in its stores from groceries, essentials, home décor and storage, furniture, and mattresses.

Some items that require special handling and setup, like large gazebos, cannot be delivered on the same day, and you need to contact the store to make arrangements.

This expedited service is available seven days a week on orders placed before 5 pm to online and in-store shoppers.

What Is Big Lots ‘Big! Delivery?’

Big Lots Big! Delivery is an unlimited $149 delivery service, where you can have your entire order delivered to any destination in the US for this price.

This service is available for heavy and large items like mattresses and furniture that don’t ship via the FedEx network and is convenient and secure.

How Long Will My ‘Big! Delivery’ Order Take?

Big! Delivery orders take about 7 to 18 days to be fulfilled, and takes 1-3 days to process your order before receiving a confirmation email to schedule the delivery.

What are the Big Lots ‘Big! Delivery’ Options?

What are the Big Lots ‘Big! Delivery’ Options?

The Big Lot’s Big! Delivery options include Economy, Standard, and Expedited shipping.

Economy shipping takes 5-8 days, Standard shipping 3-7 days, and Expedited shipping 1-2 business days.

What Are the Big Lot’s ‘Big! Delivery’ Service Levels?

Big! Delivery offers the Threshold delivery, Room of Choice delivery, and the White Glove delivery service.

1. Threshold Delivery

Big! Delivery features a 30-day return policy, flexible delivery scheduling, and the items are brought inside the first available dry space of your choice.

2. Room of Choice

This delivery option features all the offerings under Threshold delivery, while also bringing the items to the room of your choice. However, Room of Choice doesn’t offer an unboxing service.

3. White-Glove Service

White-Glove Service includes all the features under Room of Choice and also the following:

  • The items are unboxed
  • The items are taken to a room of your choice, up to 2 flights of stairs
  • Free removal of the old mattress
  • Your mattress is custom built by Serta once you place an order and installed for free

Can I Change My Delivery Option at Big Lots After Placing My Order?

Currently, Big Lots doesn’t allow you to change your delivery option after completing the order.

Consequently, selecting the appropriate delivery options and time at checkout is necessary.

Can I Change an Already Scheduled Date at Big Lots?

You can only reschedule your delivery date if you reach out to the carrier 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery.

If you don’t know the delivery carrier’s contact information, you can find it in your appointment scheduling email.

How Much Does a Big Lots Delivery Cost?

What you pay for your delivery depends on the option you choose and the weight of your item. The more features you pick, the more you pay.

However, Big Lots is always forthright about its charges, and these reflect in your cart before you commit yourself.

How Should I Keep Track of My Big Lots Order?

Big Lots provides you with a tracking number for your order linked to the carrier’s website, which comes in your notification email.

You use this number to track the status of your delivery online. Furthermore, you can use your order number and zip code as well.

What Happens If My Big Lots Order Is Damaged in Transit?

Normally, Big Lots and its carrier partners exercise professionalism, skill, and diligence in handling your order, so damages are uncommon.

However, do not sign for a damaged item if you receive it. Instead, contact Big Lots’ customer care, and they will make every effort to address your grievance.

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Big Lots offers a standard delivery service for it’s shoppers for $149. The company also provides a variety of delivery options such as Threshold Delivery, Room of Choice and White-Glove Service.

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