Does Big Lots Drug Test? (All You Need to Know)

Drug tests in workplaces have been encouraged as a measure to enhance a drug-free environment and, in the long run, eliminate potential accidents, harassment, and unproductivity.

Therefore, as a job applicant at Big Lots eagerly waiting for a chance to work at one of the biggest retail companies, you might ask, Does Big Lots drug test? Well, keep reading and learn what I found out!

Does Big Lots Drug Test In 2024?

Big Lots doesn’t generally drug test its employees during the recruitment process, but may conduct one in case of an accident or suspicious behavior of an employee during shifts. In this case, the drug test conducted is standard. Furthermore, Big Lots may also conduct background checks during the recruitment process to determine employee eligibility in 2024.

If you need more insight into drug testing at Big Lots, whether you have to drug test for Big Lots and much more, keep reading for more useful facts!

Do You Have to Submit to a Drug Test at Big Lots?

Typically, you do not have to take a drug test at Big Lots during the recruitment process, although the company may ask you for one if you’re involved in an accident at work.

If the store conducts a drug test on a necessity basis, the test conducted is normally standard, where urine samples are collected.

However, it is important to note that Big Lots may require a drug test before hiring on rare occasions, depending on where you’re located or factors about your behavior.

Does Big Lots Randomly Drug Test?

Big Lots does not conduct random drug tests on its employees unless they’re suspected of doing drugs or have been involved in an accident at work.

Additionally, Big Lots conducts drug tests on suspected employees to reduce the chances of having employees under the influence of hard drugs during shifts.

Are Big Lots Drugs Tests Mandatory Before Hiring?

Although Big Lots maintains a Drug-free Workplace Policy, the company’s pre-hiring drug tests are not mandatory.

Therefore, an employee may not have a drug test before hiring, but is expected to refrain from drugs while on duty.

Does Big Lots Pee Test?

Big Lots may conduct pee tests on an employee only when suspected of being under drugs or involved in an accident at work.

When Does Big Lots Drug Test?

Big Lots will conduct drug tests on ongoing employees if there is reasonable suspicion based on physical, behavioral, and psychological signs.

Therefore, if a violation of Big Lots drug-free workplace policy is documented, the company will run a drug test and take any necessary action. 

Furthermore, Big Lots may conduct drugs tests on existing employees during post-accident investigations in a bid to determine whether drugs or alcohol were a causing factor.

Since accidents lead to property damages or employee injuries, conducting a drug test on the employee involved helps formulate strategies on how to eliminate such risks in the future.

Why Does Big Lots Perform Drug Tests?

Why Does Big Lots Perform Drug Tests?

Generally, Big Lots conducts drug tests in case of reasonable suspicion or during a post-accident investigation to deter its employees from using hard drugs.

In both instances, Big Lots implements drug tests to provide a healthy and safe work environment for its employees, as per the state laws and federal regulations.

Additionally, drug tests at Big Lots help increase productivity at work, protect the general public, and instill consumer confidence that Big Lots employees are free from drug abuse.

Does Big Lots Background Check?

Although Big Lots may not necessarily conduct drug tests on new recruits, the company does perform background checks during the pre-employment processes.

Big Lots performs background checks on candidates who have passed other stages of the recruitment process and have received a job offer.

Once a candidate receives a job offer from Big Lots, they will have to submit a background check that provides relevant information such as employment history, educational history, and criminal history.

In case a candidate has been previously convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony crime, there are chances that Big Lots will still hire the candidate.

The company prides itself as an “Equal Opportunity Employer” that abides by applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances to provide job opportunities for qualified individuals with a criminal history.

Why Does Big Lots Perform Background Checks?

Big Lots conducts background checks on candidates to determine their history in relevance to the job position they’re applying for.

More importantly, a background check helps the company decide whether the candidate is the best fit for the position they’re applying for and to eliminate potential troublemakers in the long run.

For instance, if the company discovers that a candidate has previously been arrested due to violent crimes or theft, they may need to look into the case before making the final decision.

Moreover, the background check helps Big Lots to confirm whether the information provided by a candidate is correct. As a result, any incorrect information discovered during the background check may appear as lying and may affect the company’s decision.

How Long Do Background Checks at Big Lots Take?

Background checks at Big Lots may take a week or so to complete. Ideally, once you give authorization for Big Lots to conduct a background check, the company submits your information to a different company that will undergo the process.

Generally, it takes 2-3 days for Big Lots to receive the results and another 1-2 days to receive feedback from the company.

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Drug tests at Big Lots are not mandatory during the hiring process. However, the company may request an employee to take a drug test in case of an accident or reasonable suspicion of drug abuse at work.

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