Big Lots Dress Code (Hats, Tattoos, Hair + More)

Big Lots, one of the largest discount retailers in the US, maintains a uniform dressing code for its employees, just like several other companies.

Therefore, if you anticipate starting working at Big Lots, you may be wondering- what is Big Lots’ dress code for employees? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

What Is Big Lots’ Dress Code In 2024?

Big Lots maintains a standard dress code that mandates employees to wear company-provided shirts with pants or shorts/ denim of the employee’s choice in 2024. According to the company policy, the pants or jeans should not bear any marking or brandings. Additionally, employees should wear name tags and close-toed shoes.

If you want to find more information on Big Lots’ dress code, including the rules on hair, hats, tattoos, and much more, keep reading!

What Do Big Lots Employees Wear?

Big Lots employees wear the iconic Big Lots shirts paired with either shorts, pants, or denim, but employees are allowed to choose what to pair with the company shirt according to their preferences.

The company shirt can be tucked or untucked, depending on how the associate wants to wear it. As well, if it’s cold or chilly outside, Big Lots allows employees to wear a shirt or thermal wear underneath the Big Lots shirt.

However, employees’ pants, shorts, or denim should not be distressed, with rips and tears, or have any markings and branding. Additionally, Big Lots employees can wear any kind of shoes as long as they’re closed-toe, neat, and comfortable.

Can You Wear Shorts at Big Lots?

Fortunately, you can wear shorts if you’re a male employee without a managerial position at Big Lots. Most Big Lots stores are not very strict on bottoms won by employees as long as they’re neat, with no tears, markings, and branding.

However, female associates at Big Lots may not be allowed to wear shorts during shifts. Additionally, managers at Big Lots cannot wear shorts and are expected to wear business or business casual bottoms paired with company shirts.

Can I Have Colored Hair at Big Lots?

According to reviews by former employees, Big Lots is not discriminatory to employees with colored hair and does not prohibit employees from having dyed hair. However, employees with colored hair at Big Lots are encouraged to keep it neat and maintain a professional look.

Does Big Lots Allow Facial Piercings?

Big Lots allows facial piercings as long as they’re minimal and not over the top. Although the company doesn’t provide specific guidelines on facial piercings, employees have reported that it doesn’t discriminate against piercings as long as they’re not too flashy.

Can You Wear Earrings at Big Lots?

Can You Wear Earrings at Big Lots?

Big Lots does not discriminate against candidates or current employees with earrings and offers employment opportunities based on the candidate’s qualifications.

Can Big Lots Employees Wear Hats?

Unfortunately, Big Lots employees cannot wear hats, as the company only provides company-owned shirts with the Big Lots label.

Can You Have Tattoos at Big Lots?

You can show tattoos at Big Lots, as long as they’re not flashy or offensive. Several employee reviews reveal that Big Lots does not discriminate against individuals showing tattoos and is open to hiring and retaining qualified candidates with showing tattoos.

Can You Wear Nails at Big Lots?

You can wear nails at Big Lots as long as they’re of reasonable length and don’t deter you from performing your duties.The company policy doesn’t provide any rules discriminating against the wearing of nails at work.

Can I Wear Jeans at Big Lots?

You can wear jeans to work at Big Lots since the company allows business-casual wear. However, you have to ensure that the jeans are neat and not distressed with rips and tears.

Furthermore, you have to make sure that the jeans are not marked or branded. Otherwise, you might not be permitted to wear them at work.

What Shoes Should I Wear at Big Lots?

As an employee, Big Lots encourages you to wear comfortable shoes, mainly because you will be on your feet during your shifts.

The company policy requires that the closed-toe shoes are clean and neat. As such, you cannot wear heels, flip-flops, or sandals to work, and most employees at Big Lots tend to wear sneakers.

What Should I Wear for an Interview at Big Lots?

Candidates seeking employment with Big Lots should wear decent attire, ranging from business-casual to formal when attending interviews.

For managerial positions at Big Lots, it may be wise for applicants to attend interviews while wearing formal attire, whereas entry-level candidates can show up in business-casual.

However, it is essential to note that formal attire always speaks volumes on the candidate’s professional attitude towards the desired position.

What Should I Wear on My First Day at Big Lots?

You should appear professional on your first day at Big Lots, preferably business-casual, before you receive the iconic Big Lots company shirts. Once you receive the shirt from your store manager and the name tag, you should stick to wearing the uniform provided while on duty.

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Big Lots maintains a dress code that allows employees to wear company-owned shirts and bottoms of their choice, such as shorts, jeans, or pants which should not be distressed, branded, or marked. Additionally, Big Lots prohibits employees from wearing open-toed shoes during shifts.

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