Does Big Lots Pay Weekly? (All You Need to Know)

Big Lots is widely known as one of the largest retailers committed to taking care of employee welfare with varying incentives from discounts, bonuses, and employee benefits.

As a result, new employees at the discount retailer are often curious about the payment schedule, with most wondering – Does Big Lots pay weekly? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does Big Lots Pay Weekly In 2024?

Big Lots generally pays its employees every week in 2024. However, new employees have to wait two weeks after their commencement date to receive their paycheck. After the two weeks, they can expect weekly payments like the rest of the employees. Furthermore, Big Lots has pay-on-demand options where employees can get instant access to earned income.

If you need more insight into Big Lots weekly payments, the payment rates at Big Lots, the pay-on-demand, and DailyPay options, keep reading for more useful facts!

Which Day Are Big Lots Employees Paid?

Big Lots employees get paid on Friday every week. Typically, the payments at Big Lots are made once a week under the supervision of a store manager. However, Big Lots skips the first week and makes payments on the Friday of the second week at work for a new employee.

Do Big Lots Employees Get Paid Biweekly?

Big Lots employees are not paid biweekly. Instead, the employees receive their payments every Friday of the week, making the payment schedule weekly and not biweekly.

However, during the first two weeks of training, employees are paid on the second week rather than each week.

Does Big Lots Hold the First Check That Employees Make?

Big Lots holds the first check of a new employee and starts paying them after the second week. Once the employee completes their first week at work, the payment commences in the following week.

How Much Do Big Lots Employees Get Paid?

Employee wages at Big Lots vary depending on the position of the employee. However, the approximate employee wage at Big Lots is as follows:

  • A cashier earns an approximate wage of $10 per hour
  • A stocker earns an approximate wage of $10 per hour
  • Sales Associate earns an approximate wage of $10 per hour
  • Retail Sales Associate earns an approximate wage of $10 per hour
  • A Retail Store Assistant Manager earns approximately $17 per hour
  • Warehouse Lead earns an approximate wage of $13 per hour
  • Assistant Store Manager earns an approximate wage of $16 per hour
  • The Merchandise Coordinator earns an approximate wage of $17 per hour
  • Store managers at Big Lots are full-time employees who earn approximately $40,000 annually

What Is the Starting Pay at Big Lots?

The starting pay at Big Lots depends on the associate’s job position. However, most minimum wage employees earn approximately $10 or $11 per hour

How Often Does Big Lots Give Raises?

How Often Does Big Lots Give Raises?

According to reviews by Big Lots employees, the company offers yearly raises to employees, although there is no fixed percentage of the annual raise.

Different employees have reported different digits on the amount of pay raise received and have also acknowledged that the pay raise is dependent on employee reviews.

Does Big Lots Offer Pay-On-Demand?

Big Lots offers pay-on-demand services to both new and existing employees. Just recently, the national discount retailer introduced the pay-on-demand system as well as a 30% employee discount in a bid to enhance the company’s recruitment and employee retention rates.

The Pay-On Demand system, available at Big Lots stores and distribution centers, allows employees to access earned income on any day without waiting for the traditional weekly payday.

This move by Big Lots to offer pay-on-demand comes as an incentive to new and existing employees in anticipation of peak holiday season periods where Big Lots stores are often flooded with customers.

Does Big Lots Offer Daily Pay?

Recently, Big Lots partnered with Daily Pay (a leading technology company) to provide financial services to the retailer’s employees.

Through this innovative partnership, Big Lots employees can get the privilege of saving and accessing their accrued pay immediately through DailyPay.

How Long Does It Take for Daily Pay to Work at Big Lots?

According to the platform’s services, you can receive money transfers instantly, or on the next business day, depending on the option you select.

Usually, DailyPay offers associates two options: the “Now” and the “Next” option. If you select the “Now” option, the money transfer is instant, regardless of the time, day of the week, and bank holidays.

On the other hand, if you decide to select the “Next’ option, the money transfer is made available on the next business day (Monday through Friday), excluding bank holidays.

It’s important to note that associates have up to 3 transactions per day to use DailyPay. Moreover, transactional costs are applicable when requesting money transfers.

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In a nutshell, Big Lots generally pays its employees weekly, every Friday of the week. However, the company recently partnered with DailyPay to allow customers to receive instant money transfers instead of waiting for Friday of every week.

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