Does Chewy Fill Prescriptions? (All You Need to Know)

Pet healthcare is becoming easier to get by the day, with vets issuing prescriptions that can be filled without needing to go back every time.

As one of the biggest providers of pet products in the country, Chewy is many pet owners’ preferred choice for supplies, and we looked into whether they also fill prescriptions. If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does Chewy Fill Prescriptions In 2024?

Chewy fills prescriptions right from the website’s Pharmacy section in 2024. When you get a prescription from a vet, you can have it filled and subsequently refilled through Chewy, and have the medication delivered. You will need to provide additional details about your pet and the prescription for verification. Chewy fills prescriptions for cats, dogs, horses, and other animal types.

We have all the information you need to know about filling your prescription at Chewy, including the process you need to follow, getting a refill, and more below!

How Does Chewy Work with Prescriptions?

Chewy works with prescriptions like any other online service with medication.

You can visit Chewy’s website and browse its catalog of medicines,l then place an order for the one you need and have it delivered.

Chewy will ask for some additional information before an associate can send any medicine out to you, but we’ll look into that in the next section.

If you have a prescription for something that you only need to get once, there are medicines that are sold on Chewy with offers such as free shipping, with no minimum order value or a discount.

Some will have the usual Chewy offer of free shipping if the order is worth more than $49.

If your prescription is for something that you need to fill more than once, Chewy has provisions for them, most notably making them available through Autoship.

Autoship is Chewy’s service that allows you to set up automatic deliveries so you can have items you use often shipped to you on a regular schedule.

For pet medication that you can’t skip, this service is ideal because you can set it up once and have the prescription filled automatically with little chance of falling behind on the treatment schedule.

Certain items are also tagged as being available via “Autoship and save.”

This allows you to set up regular deliveries via Autoship and receive an automatic discount on all subsequent deliveries, usually 5% off.

Does Chewy Check Prescriptions?

Does Chewy Check Prescriptions?

Chewy checks prescriptions and won’t fill or refill yours, unless you provide the company with enough information to do so.

When you’re ordering medication that a vet has prescribed from the website, Chewy will ask for additional details on your pet and the vet that issued the prescription.

For your pet, you’ll need to provide the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Type
  3. Birthday – this doesn’t have to be an exact date; you can give an estimate based on the animal’s age
  4. Gender
  5. Breed – there is an option you can select if it’s an unknown mix
  6. Weight
  7. Current medications
  8. Allergies
  9. Pre-existing conditions

You will also need to provide the following information about your vet:

  1. Name
  2. The clinic where they work, selected from a drop-down list

You will only need to enter this information once and Chewy will store it in its system, allowing you to simplify the process for future prescriptions.

How Can I Order Prescriptions on Chewy?

You can’t order a prescription on Chewy; the best you can do is fill one that has been issued by a licensed vet.

If you meant getting medication from Chewy that has been prescribed by a vet, we’re going to detail the process in the next section.

How Do I Refill a Prescription on Chewy?

You can fill and refill a prescription on Chewy by following the steps below:

  1. With your prescription ready, visit
  2. Click on the Pharmacy tab at the top
  3. Search for the medicine you need
  4. Ensure it’s the exact one in the prescription, then add it to your cart
  5. After you’re done, go to checkout
  6. When checking out, look for the “Prescription information” section. It should be right below the payment details
  7. Click on it and enter the information requested. It should be the info about your pet and their vet as detailed in the previous section
  8. Select an approval method
  9. Place the order

You can choose from two different approval methods: whether you want them to contact your vet using the details you provided, or whether you want to mail them yourself.

These allow you to either have the meds sent to your vet or directly to you.

Can Chewy Vets Prescribe Medication?

Chewy vets cannot prescribe medication, but can only refer your pet to an emergency vet clinic when they need to.

As of now, Chewy’s vets are only available remotely for telehealth services, which makes it difficult to adequately assess a pet better than someone who’s examining them in person.

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Chewy fills and refills prescriptions through its website. The company has medications for cats, dogs, horses, and other common animals.

You can get a prescription filled at Chewy by ordering the medication from the website, but you will need to provide additional information about your pet and the vet that the company will use to check the prescription.

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