Does Chewy Hire Felons? (All You Need to Know)

After experiencing a significant amount of growth within the past couple of years, Chewy has come to rely on a bigger workforce today.

So, if you have a conviction on your record, and you’re thinking of getting a job at Chewy, we looked into how that might impact your chances. Read on to learn what we found!

Does Chewy Hire Felons In [currentyear]?

Chewy hires felons, but not in every circumstance in [currentyear]. We found some reports from current and former Chewy employees who say they had felonies and were hired, but we also found some reports from applicants who were unsuccessful. Chewy’s background checks likely go back 7 years, so you have a better shot if your conviction is from earlier.

To find out everything we know about Chewy’s stance on hiring felons, including how the company treats misdemeanors, how to prepare for an interview with a felony, and more, read on!

Is Chewy Felon Friendly?

From the information we’ve gathered, there doesn’t seem to be a standard policy that determines whether or not Chewy is felon friendly.

A lot of the answers we’ve found are conflicting, where some say they were hired with very recent convictions on their records, others saying there’s a slim chance if it’s an old conviction.

Also, others say you can’t get hired at all if you’re a felon.

One person says that they were hired at Chewy, despite having two felonies, while another one says that a felon can get hired if they pass a drug test.

On the other end of the spectrum, though, another person says that they applied for a job at Chewy, and got as far as the orientation, interview, then a background check.

They say that they were very forward about the conviction on their record and being on parole during the whole application process.

However, when the background check was run, they were rejected.

We found a similar case from another applicant with a felony who says they were called back by the company and informed that their background check did not meet Chewy’s requirements.

Another applicant from Louisville says that Chewy will probably hire felons, but that they may be subjected to a hostile work environment from their leads.

There are some reports that say you can get hired at Chewy with a felony if it’s old enough because most background checks only go back about 7 years.

However, some states allow employers to look back further.

Alongside these are reports that the people at Chewy don’t care about felonies, and that you can get hired even if it’s fairly recent.

One of the most positive responses we found to this question is from someone who was hired at Chewy with a felony that stemmed from assaulting a law enforcement officer.

Can You Work at Chewy with a Misdemeanor?

Can You Work at Chewy with a Misdemeanor?

You can work at Chewy with a misdemeanor, but this isn’t guaranteed; it’s subject to the type of charge, how long ago it was, the person that’s hiring, and the type of job you’re applying for.

For example, a first-time DUI in which nobody was hurt would be treated as a misdemeanor, but it would disqualify you from roles where you would be operating vehicles (ex. a forklift).

Does Chewy Perform Background Checks?

As stated earlier in the article, Chewy conducts background checks on applicants, and this could be what determines if you get the job or not.

Like most other companies, Chewy’s background checks go back as far as 7 years, so you likely have a better chance if your felony or misdemeanor conviction was from earlier.

How Can I Prepare for an Interview at Chewy with a Felony?

If you have a felony on your record, and you’re going in for an interview at Chewy, you’re going to need all the help you can get because felonies are treated differently across the company.

One of the best things you can do is put your best foot forward in terms of presentation.

If you have a suit, wear it to the interview and do whatever you can to ensure everything else about your look matches the requirement.

If you know people who can write you references saying that you’re rehabilitated, you could ask them to help you out.

One of the best people that can do this is your parole officer if you have one.

If the conviction is less than 7 years old, it’s likely going to show up in the background check, so you should try not to hide it.

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Chewy hires felons in some cases, but this depends on the nature of the conviction. There doesn’t seem to be a company-wide policy on how to handle applicants with convictions on their records, so it’s up to the people hiring.

Some felons report being hired at Chewy with no issues, while some say they got very far in the application process before their felony was used to disqualify them.

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