Does Chewy Pay Weekly? (All You Need to Know)

As a major retailer with many departments and 24/7 operations, Chewy seems like a good choice for several people looking to get a job.

One of the things that can decide whether one even tries out for a position is the company’s payment schedule, i.e. weekly or biweekly. If you’re interested in knowing where Chewy falls, we’ve done the research and have all the information you need below!

Does Chewy Pay Weekly In 2024?

Chewy pays its employees weekly in 2024. Chewy’s payments reflect on Fridays, or Thursday nights if you’re using direct deposit. This information comes from reports from current and former employees at Chewy. Chewy’s weekly payments are the same for employees at all levels, from warehouse to management. Chewy doesn’t offer bonuses, including ones for signing on, or employee stock options.

Keep reading to learn everything we know about how often Chewy pays, including a deeper dive into what those payments entail, payments on different occasions, and more!

Does Chewy Pay Well?

Whether or not Chewy pays well depends on where you live and what you would need to consider fair wages.

Like any other company of its size, Chewy pays different salaries depending on the role and location, but we’ve found one of the lowest figures at many locations to be $12.50 an hour.

This is the starting pay at Chewy for training, which lasts for two weeks, but there are even lower salaries in other cities for other roles.

It’s higher than the federal minimum wage that’s currently $7.25 an hour, but it’s significantly lower than the minimum wage for competitors like Amazon, whose lowest pay is $18.32 an hour.

According to Indeed, a lot of Chewy employees don’t think the company pays well, with only 40% of people feeling that they are paid fairly.

In fact, one of the most popular bits of feedback about Chewy from a former employee says that they did a lot of work for little pay.

This comment about being “overworked and underpaid” was left recently by a former workforce management analyst at Chewy in Hollywood, Florida.

Additional details provided state that the employees that were available had to work overtime after a lot of their colleagues had quit due to not being paid enough.

Elsewhere, there was a recent lawsuit filed in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which alleged that Chewy did not pay its warehouse workers well.

According to this lawsuit, Chewy paid its warehouse workers on an hourly basis depending on when they clocked in or out.

These workers say that this system does not account for certain activities that they are required to perform before they clock in, in violation of the state’s minimum wage laws.

Does Chewy Give Bonuses?

Does Chewy Give Bonuses?

Chewy does not give bonuses in most cases. Some websites say that the company always does, but we haven’t found any strong evidence for this.

In fact, according to reports from current and former Chewy employees, the company generally doesn’t give bonuses.

We found some employees that said Chewy gives out signing bonuses in very rare instances, but that this comes with a 2-year clawback.

This means that if Chewy gives you a bonus and you take it, you will spend some time after being hired working to essentially pay it off.

Questions have been posed about different types of bonuses, including ones for signing on, but the answer is that there aren’t always any.

Aside from this, Chewy also does not give employees a stock purchase option as far as we know. This means that Chewy employees only get paid in their salaries and hourly wages.

Does Chewy Give Raises?

Chewy doesn’t give raises often. According to reports we’ve found from former and current employees, a lot of people get one or two raises in several years, if any.

Some employees say it took them 90 days, others 6 months, and others say that you don’t get raises at Chewy after your first 2 years working there.

As of now, there doesn’t seem to be a company-wide policy at Chewy on raises, so it’s up to the supervisors to decide whether to offer them.

A lot of the raises Chewy employees have received ranged between 25 cents and $1 with a promotion.

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Chewy pays its employees every week. Payments hit their accounts on Fridays, but those using direct deposit to receive their wages get them slightly earlier, on Thursday nights.

Chewy doesn’t seem to have a minimum wage at the moment, but the lowest salaries we’ve found for employees at the company have been around the $12 range.

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