Does Chick-Fil-A Have Coffee? (All You Need To Know)

Chick-Fil-A is an ideal destination for a delicious breakfast. Therefore, given the effectiveness of coffee in jump-starting your day, many people wonder does Chick-Fil-A have coffee?

I have researched the matter, and here is everything you need to know!

Does Chick-Fil-A Have Coffee In [currentyear]?

Chick-Fil-A sells coffee in all its restaurants all day in [currentyear]. Furthermore, the coffee is high-quality pure Arabica sourced by THRIVE Farmers®. You can choose from various coffee items on the menu at an affordable price: cold-brewed iced coffee, frosted coffee, and hot coffee. Moreover, the restaurant’s coffee has a pleasant flavor and is hence highly rated.

Please keep reading for more information on the types of coffee served at Chick-Fil-A, how much it costs to get a coffee at the restaurant, and much more!

What Kind Of Coffee Drinks Does Chick-Fil-A Have?

Chick-Fil-A coffee is made from Arabica coffee beans, usually grown at high altitudes.

Furthermore, the coffee is sourced by THRIVE Farmers®, a unique farmer-direct coffee firm that is dedicated to enriching communities that participate in Arabica coffee growing.

Additionally, Chick-Fil-A THRIVE Farmers® coffee is blended to suit the demands and expectations of the discerning coffee drinker.

It has a smooth caramel taste with a nutty finish, which improves the coffee the restaurant served before 2014.

Ideally, the coffee served at Chick-Fil-A is a proprietary blend that contains a combination of South and Central American coffee beans.

Therefore, it has a milder aftertaste which is comfortable for a coffee drinker who uses sweeteners and creams in their cup.

This kind of coffee is delicious on its own, or with sugar and cream.

What Is Chick-Fil-A’s Coffee Menu?

Chick-Fil-A’s coffee menu is not as expensive as is typical of restaurants that offer a wide variety of coffee beverages.

Some items in Chick-Fil-A’s coffee menu include the following:

  • Chick-Fil-A regular Coffee

This coffee is typical, however, it is more delicious than standard coffee, as it is blended from Arabica specialty farmer-direct beans.

Additionally, the coffee has a creamy taste that includes light citrus, caramel, and cocoa finish. It is a great combination with almost all breakfast items.

  • Chick-Fil-A Iced Coffee

If you are looking for a tasty coffee, then the iced coffee is ideal. Chick-Fil-A does not just handcraft its iced coffee daily but also blends it with milk sweetened with cane sugar.

Further, the coffee is served over ice, making it a refreshing option for a hot day.

If you would like a cup of Chick-Fil-A iced coffee, you can select either vanilla or original flavor.

  • Chick-Fil-A Frosted Coffee

It is a decadent blend of classic vanilla Icedream® and cold-brewed coffee. You can enjoy a cup of Chick-Fil-A frosted coffee in the following ways:

  • All in One Slurp: it is a single beverage that is quite satisfying when needing caffeine.
  • Spoon Eater: You can have your frosted coffee with a spoon with this option.
  • Straw Sipper: As with the spoon eater, you can slurp your coffee with the straw sipper option.
  • Waffle Fry Dipper is an excellent option for Chick-Fil-A customers who enjoy dipping their Waffle Potato Fries into their frosted coffee.

It is also a good option for a sweet and salty combination!

Does Chick-Fil-A Coffee Contain High Caffeine Content?

Does Chick-Fil-A Coffee Contain High Caffeine Content?

Considering that Chick-Fil-A brewed coffee is made with Arabica coffee beans, it has a high level of caffeine.

However, the restaurant coffee is not the most caffeinated compared to other restaurants with similar coffees.

Generally, the restaurant’s brewed coffee has 13.60mg of caffeine per FL Oz. Subsequently, a 10 FL Oz Chick-Fil-A coffee will have 136 mg of caffeine.

The restaurant sells coffee in three sizes:

  • Small, which has 136 mg of caffeine.
  • Medium, which contains 218 mg caffeine.
  • Large, which has 272 mg caffeine.

However, keep in mind that the above-highlighted caffeine content may vary since the indicated amount is just an average that consumers should expect.

Does Chick-Fil-A Have Coffee All Day?

Most types of coffee are available at Chick-Fil-A all day long.

Therefore, you can order a cup of coffee to pair with your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

How Much Is Chick-Fil-A Coffee?

Chick-Fil-A coffee is indeed affordable as the most expensive option costs $3.25.

The following table illustrates Chick-Fil-A’s coffee prices as per the restaurant menu.

Hot coffee (regular)
Medium $1.89
Large $2.09
Cold-brew iced coffee ( original or vanilla)
Small $2.35
Large $ 2.65
Frosted coffee
Small $2.79
Large $3.25

Is Chick-Fil-A Coffee Good?

Chick-Fil-A coffee is awesome. Indeed, coffee is one of the reasons Chick-Fil-A is regarded among America’s favorite fast-food restaurants.

The coffee has an authentic flavor since the restaurant uses real Arabica beans from Thrive farmers.

Moreover, the taste does not disappoint, no matter the type of coffee you choose, regular or iced coffee.

This is because Chick-Fil-A blends coffee with fresh milk and pure cane sugar to develop delectable coffee.

Review sites have ranked Chick-Fil-A coffee high. For instance, Mashed has rated it as second best after Starbucks.

Can I Get Chick-Fil-A Iced Coffee Without Milk?

Chick-Fil-A iced coffee is handcrafted and contains 2% milk, among other ingredients.

Consequently, if you want coffee that does not have milk, you can opt for hot coffee containing non-dairy creamers.

Does Chick-Fil-A Give Free Refills On Iced Coffee?

Chick-Fil-A provides free same-day refills on almost all beverages and drinks, including sweet teas and lemonade.

Therefore, if you would like a refill, it would be good not to throw your iced coffee cup out.

Is Chick-Fil-A Coffee Healthy?

If you watch the calories you consume every day, Chick-Fil-A coffee might not be an ideal option since it contains added sugars.

However, the number of calories will depend on the type of coffee at hand.

For instance, Chick-Fil-A large vanilla iced coffee contains 210 calories, whereby 75% are from carbohydrates.

Moreover, Chick-Fil-A’s small cold-brewed iced coffee contains 140 calories.

Such an option contains a high amount of sugar since it is made of coffee and ice cream.

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In a nutshell, Chick-Fil-A serves high-graded coffee all day. Furthermore, customers can choose from the available coffee menu depending on their budget and desires to get whatever they are feeling.

Additionally, all types of coffee are affordable, with the most expensive option going for $3.25.

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