Does Costco Take Passport Photos? (Do This Instead)

Costco members can get discounts on travel arrangements through Costco Travel, from flights and cruises to hotels and rental cars.

But, can members also get passport photos printed in Costco’s stores? Here’s all the information I could find.

Does Costco Take Passport Photos?

Costco does not take or print passport photos either in-store or online. This service was permanently discontinued in all Costco stores throughout the US on February 14, 2021, due to a drop in demand. Alternatively, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, and Target take passport photos.

So, why exactly did Costco ax passport printing and other photo services? Read more to find out everything you need to know!

Why Did Costco Discontinue Its Passport Printing Service?

Costco discontinued its passport photo printing service in all US stores on 14 February, 2021.

The reason behind this was the Costco cited a steep decline in demand resulting from the rise of camera phones and social media.

And it wasn’t just the taking and printing of passport photos that ceased in Costco’s stores.

All photo services that used to be carried out at in-store photo centers were discontinued for the same reasons.

However, you can still access some photo services and products through the Costco Photo Center website, including:

  • Prints and wall art
  • Enlargements
  • Personalized greeting cards, invitations, and gifts
  • Calendars
  • Stationery
  • Banners

Costco had actually started closing down a number of its in-store photo centers as early as 2019.

But then, back in January, it was announced that they were going to close the rest all at once in the following month.

What Stores Take Passport Photos?

If you need new photos taking for your passport or another form of identification, then there are a number of convenient locations you can go to.

These include grocery stores, drug stores, and post offices. For ultimate convenience, you can try:

What Other Photo Services Has Costco Discontinued?

Along with taking and printing passport pictures, other services such as standard photo printing ceased in all Costco stores in February, 2021.

However, while you can still get photos printed online through the Costco Photo Center website, it is no longer possible to access the more specialist services Costco offers.

These included photo restoration, home video transfers, and ink cartridge refilling.


Costco no longer offers passport photo printing, nor does it offer any other photo services in-store. In recent years, there was a significant drop in demand for these services, making their continuation in-store untenable.

However, you can still access some photo services and products through the Costco Photo Center website, including personalized cards and wall art. If you need a passport photo taken, though, you will have to go to one of many other stores that offer the service.

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