What Is CVS CarePass? (Is It Worth Getting One + Other FAQs)

CVS offers several ways for customers to save on their essential goods, such as medication, making them one of the most competitive healthcare experts.

One of the reward programs they offer is a CVS CarePass, which gives customers rewards for spending in stores. But shoppers may be wondering if it’s worth purchasing a CVs CarePass. I’ve done the research, and here’s what I’ve found out!

What Is CVS CarePass?

CVS CarePass is a paid membership program that gives CVS shoppers exclusive perks. Membership is $5 a month or $48 per year, and CVS shoppers will receive a $10 monthly reward, free delivery for prescriptions, and exclusive coupons that offer savings in-store.

For more information about the CVS CarePass, such as what rewards you can receive, how to join, and if you can cancel your membership, then keep reading!

Is CVS CarePass A Good Deal?

CVS CarePass can be an excellent deal if you visit CVS more than once a month.

CVS offers their CVS CarePass members a $10 promotional reward each month on minimum purchases of $10, which means you can earn your membership money back through purchasing.

CVS CarePass also offers a number of other rewards, including 20% off of all CVS-branded products in-store to help members save money.

How Much Is CVS CarePass?

A CVS CarePass can be purchased monthly or annually, and CarePass is $5 a month, including taxes, or $48 a year plus taxes.

Additionally, you can choose which option may suit you better when you sign up for the CVS CarePass program.

What Do You Get With A CVS CarePass?

Several notable perks of the CVS CarePass can make membership worthwhile.

As well as a $10 promotional voucher each month, members of the CVS program will also receive free 1-2 day shipping on their products.

CVS CarePass members will also have 24/7 access to the pharmacy helpline in case of queries and 20% off all CVS branded products.

Whether or not you use the rewards from your CVS CarePass, they will expire monthly.

To access your rewards, your vouchers must be used with the same card to ensure they are part of the same account.

How Do I Buy A CVS CarePass?

How Do I Buy A CVS CarePass?

Purchasing a CVS CarePass can be done in-store and online. To buy a CVS CarePass in-store, go to the checkout, and the cashier will be able to help you.

To purchase a CVS CarePass online, access CVS.com/carepass/join and follow the instructions given.

What Is The Difference Between CVS CarePass And CVS ExtraCare?

CVS ExtraCare is a free program available to customers where they can earn 2% back in ExtraBucks reward points. The CVS ExtraCare program also offers customers exclusive savings and vouchers to help them save in stores.

Just like the CVS CarePass, the offers available from CVS ExtraCare will expire monthly whether or not they have been used.

If you are a frequent CVS shopper, purchasing a CVS CarePass may be a great idea to help you save even more money.

What Other Rewards Do CVS Offer?

As well as CVS CarePass and ExtraCare, CVS also offer free programs to help customers save money.

The CVS Beauty Club allows you to earn beauty bucks on products which can lead to rewards. CVS also offers Pharmacy & HealthCare Buck Rewards, where customers can earn credits for making purchases at CVS, such as filling a prescription.

All the CVS programs offer coupons to allow customers to save money in-store, providing customers with multiple opportunities to save money.

What Can I Buy With A CVS CarePass?

You can buy all items at CVS with a CVS CarePass, made easier by the $10 monthly reward they give members to allow them to save. A CVS CarePass also unlocks exclusive deals and coupons which can benefit customers.

Why Is My CVS CarePass On Hold?

Your CVS CarePass may be placed on hold if CVS has been unable to charge the given payment method. Contact CVS to rectify the issue within your CVS CarePass.

Additionally, your CVS CarePass can be terminated at the discretion of any CVS store if there has been an issue with your account. This can include violating the privileges or terms of your CVS CarePass.

If your CVS CarePass has been terminated, your membership fees will not be refunded, and you may have to contact CVS directly in order to reapply.

Can I Cancel A CVS CarePass?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your CVS CarePass by contacting CVS. You can do this by calling CVS at 1-833-320-CARE or through the CVS app. You can also cancel your CVS CarePass membership online at CVS.com/CarePass/CancelPlan.

You can cancel your CVS CarePass at any time, and can also do it before the renewal date.

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CVS CarePass is an excellent program for regular shoppers to save money at the retailer and pharmacy. The CVS CarePass program can save customers money through their $10 promotional rewards and coupons and offer free 1 to 2-day delivery.

CVS also offers a number of free programs to help customers save money. If you’re frequent CVS shoppers, consider upgrading your membership to receive access to exclusive deals and discounts at CVS.

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