Does CVS Fill Pet Prescriptions? (All You Need To Know)

CVS is one of the best pharmacies to get your prescriptions filled. And with a wide variety of other goods for sale that you can browse while you wait for your medication, CVS is a great option.

But sometimes, our furry friends also need some medical assistance. So, when it comes to pet medication, you might be wondering—does CVS fill pet prescriptions? I did some digging into the topic, and here is everything I found out.

Does CVS Fill Pet Prescriptions?

CVS pharmacies do fill pet prescriptions as long as the drug can also be prescribed for humans and is on hand.  While you cannot get pet prescriptions filled online at CVS, there are other online pet pharmacy options for your convenience.

Read on for more information on where to get your pet prescription filled, online orders, and much more.

What CVS Locations Fill Pet Prescriptions?

All CVS locations will fill pet prescriptions; however, CVS pharmacies do not stock specialty pet medications.

So if your pet requires a specific animal-only treatment, CVS cannot fill the prescription.

Luckily, treatments for infections, itching, or digestive issues use the same medication for humans and pets so that CVS can fill such prescriptions at their pharmacy branches.

If you are unsure of the type of medication your pet requires, it’s best to phone ahead and ensure that CVS can actually fill the prescription.

Shoppers and pet owners alike can use the CVS store locator to find the phone number and address of the closest pharmacy.

How Do You Get Your Pet Prescription Filled At CVS?

Getting your pet’s prescription filled is as easy as getting your own medication at CVS pharmacy locations.

Simply bring the written prescription to the pharmacy drop-off counter and give it to the pharmacist.

Waiting times for medications will vary, but the prescription should take no more than a day at most to be filled.

Why Should You Get Your Pet Prescription Filled At CVS?

CVS is a convenient option, especially if you have a prescription to be filled for yourself or other shopping to complete in-store.

Pet prescriptions also tend to be cheaper at CVS pharmacies rather than purchased directly from the veterinary clinic.

Pharmacies sometimes have coupons for pet health preventatives or even rewards programs for great discounts.

Can You Get Pet Prescriptions Online At CVS?

Can You Get Pet Prescriptions Online At CVS?

Unfortunately, CVS does not fill pet prescriptions online. Due to the special nature of medication instructions for pets, CVS pharmacies cannot fulfill their prescriptions online.

However, you can still get pet prescriptions done online.

Once your pet has received a diagnosis from a qualified veterinarian, you can ask to have the prescription sent to an online pet pharmacy for filling and delivery to your door.

What Are The Best Online Pharmacies For Filling Your Pet Prescription?

Online pet pharmacies are increasingly more popular. After filling your pet prescription, it will be conveniently shipped to your front door.

Some of the best online pharmacy services for pet prescriptions include:

  • 1-800-PetMeds
  • Chewy
  • PetCareRX
  • Petco Online
  • VetRxDirect
  • Walmart Pet RX

Where Else Can You Get Your Pet Prescription Filled?

CVS is not the only place you can get your pet’s prescription filled. Other drugstores and even grocery stores can fill your pet’s medication for you.

Once the veterinarian gives you the prescription, you can take it to any of the following stores for their pharmacy counter to fill:

  • Costco
  • Rite-Aid
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

Alternatively, you can often purchase medication for your pet directly from the veterinary clinic after your appointment.

Most veterinary practices stock an array of the most necessary pet medications and will be happy to assist you with instructions and the best methods to get your pet to take the medicine.

However, buying medication from a veterinary practice can be more expensive than purchasing it from a pharmacy.

Can You Get Pet Medication Without A Veterinary Prescription?

While you can get over-the-counter remedies for your pets without a prescription, you cannot purchase animal drugs without a veterinary request.

You can purchase supplements, some topical pain relievers, and hydrocortisone sprays without a prescription.

So, if your pet is suffering from itchy skin, a sore paw, or requires some extra vitamins in its diet, you can buy these remedies at a pharmacy.

How Much Do Pet Prescriptions Cost To Fill?

Prescription costs for pets will vary, just like human prescriptions do. Not only will you pay for the prescription medication, but the veterinary practice will charge a fee for each individual drug they prescribe you.

Experts recommend that you contact your local practice for up-to-date prescription prices.

Consequently, most pharmacies will charge upwards of $35 for a simple pet prescription, but if your animal is on a repeat prescription regimen, you might find the costs to be higher.

Keep in mind that most pharmacies do charge significantly less for prescription medication than a veterinary practice would.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on how long will CVS hold a prescription, if Walgreens fill pet prescriptions, and if Costco fills pet prescriptions.


Yes, CVS does fill pet prescriptions. CVS will only fill prescriptions that have medications common between pets and humans, as these pharmacies do not stock specialty animal medicine.

You can get your pet’s prescription filled at an online pharmacy and delivered to your door.

Additionally, purchasing pet medication from a pharmacy is often cheaper than at a veterinarian’s practice.

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