Does Walgreens Fill Pet Prescriptions? [All You Need To Know]

Walgreens is one of America’s largest drugstore chains, with millions of Americans regularly visiting their stores to get their prescriptions filled.

However, If you are a pet owner, you might be wondering if Walgreens can also fill your pet prescriptions for your dog or cat. Here is what I’ve managed to find out through my research!

Does Walgreens Fill Pet Prescriptions? 

Walgreens does fill pet prescriptions at over 8,000 locations nationwide and online, as long as the drug is also prescribed to humans. While Walgreens pharmacies might not carry all pet-related medications, you can find medications for common pets for significantly lower prices.

To find out why you should consider getting your pet’s prescriptions filled at Walgreens, how to fill them, and much more, keep on reading!

Why Should I Get My Pet’s Prescriptions Filled At Walgreens?

Getting your pet’s prescriptions filled at Walgreens instead of your veterinarian’s clinic can save you a substantial amount of money over time.

Why? Because at your vet’s clinic, the markups are significantly higher, and they often charge a 5$ to 15$ dispensing fee!

How Do I Get A Pet Prescription Filled At Walgreens?

Walgreens allows you to get your pet prescriptions filled for cats and dogs in the same way as any of your other prescriptions, as long as you carry a valid prescription filled out by a licensed veterinarian, and Walgreens carries the prescription for humans.

However, there are a few pet medications you might be able to purchase in-store or have delivered online without a vet’s prescription, like OTC drugs such as medications for tick and flea control and chewable aspirins. 

Does Walgreens Fill Pet Prescriptions Online?

Yes, customers can also get their pet’s prescriptions filled via the Walgreens website. 

Simply by creating an account at Walgreens online pharmacy (if you don’t already have one) and add your pet to your account. You can then manage all fills and refills for your pets, following the same procedure that you would use for yourself or a family member.

If your pet takes regular medication prescriptions, you can even have an individual online pharmacy account for your pet. Making refills convenient and quick.

What Kinds Of Drug Prescriptions Can I Get Filled At Walgreens?

Walgreens will fill any of your pet prescriptions that have a human equivalent, such as Amoxicillin, Humulin, Hydrocortisone, and Omeprazole, with a valid vet’s prescription.

Ask your doctor to know if the prescribed medication can be filled at a retail pharmacy, such as Walgreens, or call your local Walgreens to find out whether that particular medication is available or not (find the contact number using the Walgreens store locator).

If a particular medication is unavailable, you can consider asking your vet for a suitable substitute that is available.

Does Walgreen Also Refill Pet Prescriptions?

Yes, you can get your pet prescriptions refilled at any of your local Walgreens stores or even online with a valid prescription or by using previously recorded information.

Plus, you can also sign up for refill reminders and family prescription management tools to make refilling your pet’s prescription more convenient. 

Does Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Membership Cover Pet Prescriptions?

Your pet can also join the Walgreens prescription savings club as an individual for 20$ a year or as a family member for 35$ a year (that covers the whole immediate family, including pets), by simply adding them to your dependents list while walking in or calling the Walgreen pharmacy.

The membership provides discounts on medications that are often prescribed to pets that have a human equivalent, as long as you have a valid prescription written out by a registered veterinarian. 

If you find that a certain medication is not covered, you can ask your vet for a substitute that is covered and is suitable, if available.

To learn more about getting prescriptions filled at Walgreens, you can also see my guides on whether or not Walgreens accepts GoodRx, how early Walgreens will fill a prescription, and if Walgreens delivers prescriptions.

Conclusion: Does Walgreens Fill Pet Prescriptions?

Walgreens does indeed fill pet prescriptions that are human-analogous at over 8,000 pharmacies nationwide and online, with a valid prescription from a licensed veterinarian. Walgreens also offers refill facilities and allows pets to benefit from membership discounts on prescriptions.

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