Does CVS Have Bathrooms? (All You Need To Know)

Whether you are out on the road traveling or simply have a long commute home, finding an available restroom on the road can be a bothersome task.

Luckily, most pharmacies, grocery, and convenience stores have bathrooms you can use. Since CVS is one of the most widely spread pharmacies throughout America, you might be wondering if CVS has bathrooms. I did some research and here is what I found out.

Does CVS Have Bathrooms?

Most of the 9,600+ CVS stores in America do have bathrooms that are open for employee and public use. However, in some locations, these bathrooms might be kept locked, in which case you might have to ask an employee for a key to access one.

If you want to know more about the accessibility, conditions, and availability of the bathrooms at CVS and much more, keep on reading!

Are The Bathrooms At CVS Available For Public Use?

Most stores and restaurants don’t let the general public use their restrooms unless they are a customer.

Some have a ‘Restrooms are only for customers’ sign up their window panels. But several stores and pharmacies, including CVS, let customers and non-customers both use their restroom facilities.

However, note that some CVS stores might keep their restrooms locked for security concerns and to avoid misuse, in which case you might have to ask an employee or customer service for a key in order to access a bathroom.

Where Can You Find A Bathroom In A CVS Store?

Bathrooms at CVS are usually located at the far end of the store. Once you are inside a CVS store, you probably won’t have a hard time finding yourself a bathroom. All you have to do is look for the restroom sign overhead to locate one.

However, If you still have a difficult time locating a bathroom at CVS, you can simply ask an employee for guidance, and they will direct you toward one.

Are The Bathrooms At CVS Clean And Accessible?

Are The Bathrooms At CVS Clean And Accessible?

As the name CVS (Consumer Value Store) suggests, CVS is adamant about providing its customers with the best care and service that surpasses their expectations.

Accordingly, the bathrooms at CVS are almost always tidy, maintained, and up to the mark. Generally, a CVS bathroom is equipped with a soap dispenser, an electronic hand dryer, a napkin dispenser, and a waste bin.

In case you come across a CVS bathroom that is not up to these standards, you can ask an employee there to have the issue resolved for you.

Can A CVS Store Deny You Access To Its Bathroom?

Usually, CVS stores allow customers and non-customers alike to access their bathroom facilities. However, if a store you visited denied you access to use one, you might be wondering if they are allowed to do so.

Unfortunately, yes, as federal law only requires employers to provide restroom facilities to their employees and not the general public. However, some state and local laws might prompt businesses to have their bathrooms available to the public, but these vary widely.

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CVS does have bathrooms in all their 9,600 stores nationwide. These bathrooms are almost always available for the use of customers and non-customers alike and are well-maintained and tidied up. If you find that the bathroom at a CVS store you visit is locked, you can ask the nearest employee for the key.

However, know that generally stores aren’t required by law to have their bathrooms available for the public, so a store can technically deny you access to use one.

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