Does CVS Have Copy Machines? (All You Need To Know)

Whether you are a student or a professional, getting all your important documents printed and copied is the best way to secure and back up valuable data effectively.

Since several retailers have copy machines in stores that allow customers to create copies with convenience at a reasonable price, you might be wondering: does CVS also have copy machines? Here is all you need to know.

Does CVS Have Copy Machines?

CVS has copy machines at 3,400 select locations nationwide. Customers can make copies at the KODAK Kiosk using both physical and digital files. The cost of copies at CVS varies from $0.19 to $3.99 per page, depending on the type of print you request for.

To find out about the prices, locations, and types of copying services available at CVS pharmacies, keep on reading.

Does CVS Have Copy Machines At All Pharmacy Locations?

CVS only offers its printing and copying services at select CVS stores, at around 3,400 pharmacy locations nationwide.

To ensure whether your local CVS has copy machines or not, you can use this  CVS store locator to search for the location and contact information of every CVS pharmacy around you.

Additionally, consider giving them a call and inquiring before visiting to avoid any inconvenience.

What Type Of Copies Are Available At CVS?

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CVS offers several printing and copy options to select from. Ranging from:

  • Black and white copies
  • High-quality full-color copies
  • Single-sided copies
  • And double-sided copies

Additionally, CVS also offers its customers to get their documents scanned and saved on a CD for records and future usage. For information about the prices of each type of copy, keep on reading!

How Much Does It Cost To Copy Documents At CVS?

CVS charges between 19 cents to $3.99 per page, depending on the type of print you require.

Here is the breakdown of the complete charges for CVS copying services.

Black-and-White Copies

  • Single-sided: 19¢ per page
  • Double-sided: 38¢ per page

Color Copies

  • Single-sided: 99¢ per page
  • Double-sided: $1.98 per page

CD Copies

  • Save scanned document: $3.99

Does CVS Make Copies From Digital Sources?

Customers can get copies created at a CVS Kodak Picture Kiosk from both physical documents and copies, as well as, from digital files.

As for digital files, CVS allows customers the flexibility to choose from a number of sources including USB drives and flash drives with PDF files.

Simply connect your drive to the KODAK Kiosk and select the ‘Print’ option. Next, choose the color, size, and type of print you desire (single-sided or double-sided) and click the print button.

Once the prints are ready you can collect your documents, pay the charges, and you are done.

Which Alternative Stores Have Copy Machines?

In case your local CVS does not have a copy machine or you are looking for alternative options.

Here is a list of some stores and other facilities you can get your documents copied.

  • Costco
  • Staples
  • FedEx
  • Office Depot
  • Sam’s Club
  • The UPS Store
  • Post Office
  • Or even your local library

Additionally, if you are interested in making copies of documents elsewhere, you can see our related posts on whether or not Walgreens, Walmart, and Target make copies.


Yes, CVS does have copy machines in around 3,400 convenient locations nationwide. Customers have the choice to print and copy documents from both physical and digital sources, and in black and white, colored, single-sided, and double-sided formats. Depending on the format, the copy and printing cost per page varies from 19 cents to 3.99$.

Contact your local CVS to find out whether they have copy machines or not and head to the KODAK Picture Kiosk to get your documents copied and saved.

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