Does Walmart Have A Copy Machine? [Full Guide]

Walmart offers an extensive variety of services to its millions of everyday customers. From carpet cleaner rentals to cake making.

However, you may be wondering if Walmart is able to offer a copy-making service or access to a public copy machine. Here is everything that I have managed to find out on the topic!

Does Walmart Have A Copy Machine?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not give access to any public copy machines for customers. Walmart customers can instead make copies at USPS, Staples, Walgreens, and a local library. Walmart does, however, sell copy machines.

Read on to find out more about copy machines and Walmart, and alternative locations!

What Stores Offer A Copy Machine Service? 

Although Walmart does not offer a copy service, many popular stores throughout the United States offer such a service.

A few of these include:

  • USPS allows customers to make black-and-white copies and color copies in multiple available sizes. 
  • Staples also offer black and white copies at a highly competitive price.
  • Local Libraries may also offer a useable copy machine to their users. Make sure to check your local library, on the phone, or online, to see if they can offer you the service.

How Much Does Copying Cost On Average?

The cost of using a copy machine can vary greatly from location to location, and machine to machine.

Black and white copies can be produced for as little as $0.03, and as much as $0.25 per page, on average.

Color copies can cost slightly more, at around $0.10 to $0.75 per page. It is worth checking at your nearest copier to find out their average prices.

Do Walmart Sell Copy Machines?

Although Walmart does not have an accessible copy machine, they offer copy machines to be purchased for home or office use.

Copy machines can cost well up to $4,000, so it is definitely best to only purchase one if you greatly require frequent use.

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Have A Copy Machine? 

Walmart does not offer access to a public copy machine, despite offering certain printing services.

Copy machines can be purchased at Walmart, although at a very high price. Other stores do offer a copy machine service, such as USPS, and Staples.

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