Does Dairy Queen Use MSG? (All You Need to Know)

MSG is a common ingredient used in many restaurants and in grocery store food products. It is also a naturally occurring component in many foods.

When eating at fast-food restaurants like Dairy Queen, it’s important to know what you’re consuming. Therefore, this article explains whether Dairy Queen uses MSG in its food and how we know, so keep reading to learn more!

Does Dairy Queen Use MSG In 2024?

Dairy Queen’s menu doesn’t have added MSG in most items in 2024. If MSG is added, it must be listed as a clear ingredient according to the FDA. However, there are plenty of ingredients used in Dairy Queen’s food that are known to contain MSG in varying amounts, such as soy lecithin, soy protein isolate, soybean oil, and yeast extract.

Keep reading for a more detailed explanation about food at Dairy Queen and which ingredients to stay away from when trying not to consume MSG, along with other related facts!

Why Is MSG Added to Food?

MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is a flavor additive that enhances food’s umami, or savory, taste. Umami is the fifth taste our tastebuds can detect.

It occurs naturally in some food but is also added in pure form as a seasoning to products like soups, chips, frozen meals, processed meats, and many more.

However, msg can cause problems due to its tendency to make people more hungry.

It has also been linked to obesity, blood sugar fluctuations, liver damage, increased heart disease risk,  allergies, and more.

Does Dairy Queen Ice Cream Contain MSG?

Dairy Queen’s soft serve does not contain MSG. It also does not contain ingredients in which msg is naturally found, such as soy extracts or hydrolyzed yeast.

MSG is not commonly added to sweet foods like ice cream since its purpose is to add savory umami flavor.

Do Dairy Queen Burgers Contain MSG?

Dairy Queen burgers do not contain added MSG. If they did, it would be listed on the ingredients section of the website.

However, DQ burgers do contain some ingredients that can have naturally occurring MSG, such as cheese and tomatoes.

They also contain soy lecithin, an extract that is likely to contain MSG.

Does DQ Ice Cream Cake Contain MSG?

Dairy Queen Cakes and Blizzard Cakes do not have any added MSG in the ingredients list.

Sweet foods like DQ cakes are less likely to have added MSG, though they may contain ingredients that have naturally occurring MSG.

In the case of DQ cakes, the ingredient most likely to contain MSG is Soy Lecithin, which is an extract that often triggers MSG allergies.

Do Dairy Queen Chicken Strips Contain MSG?

Do Dairy Queen Chicken Strips Contain MSG?

Dairy Queen’s Chicken Strips do not contain added MSG. However, they likely contain a significant amount of naturally occurring MSG due to some of the ingredients used.

One MSG-related ingredient in the chicken strips is hydrolyzed soy protein. According to the CBC, hydrolyzed vegetable protein can contain up to 30% msg.

If you order the Chicken Strips Basket, you will be consuming even more soy products, since the fries and toast pieces contain soy ingredients as well.

These often contain naturally occurring MSG.

Does Dairy Queen Use MSG in Its Fries?

Dairy Queen’s fries do not have added MSG. They do, however, contain an ingredient that is known to have naturally occurring MSG.

This ingredient is soybean oil. All of Dairy Queens’ fried food items are cooked in it, which means they all contain traces of soy. Soy ingredients are known to trigger MSG allergies.

Does Dairy Queen Use MSG in Its Onion Rings?

Dairy Queen’s Onion Rings do not have added MSG. However, they are cooked in soybean oil and contain soybean oil as an ingredient.

Soy ingredients are known to trigger MSG allergies, so if you have an allergy to MSG, you should avoid fried items and other food items at DQ that contain soy ingredients.

Do Dairy Queen Pretzel Sticks Contain MSG?

Dairy Queen’s pretzel sticks do not have any added MSG. They likely contain little, if any, naturally occurring MSG based on the ingredients list.

However, the zesty queso sauce that comes with the pretzel sticks does contain yeast extract, which is known to be another name for MSG.

If you’re trying to avoid MSG, enjoy the pretzel sticks without the queso.

Do Dairy Queen Cheese Curds Have MSG?

MSG is not listed as an added ingredient in Dairy Queen’s Cheese Curds. However, they do contain Soy Protein Isolate, which is known to be basically another name for MSG.

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Dairy Queen’s food does not have added MSG in pure form. Along with that, its soft-serve items are not likely to contain naturally occurring MSG either based on ingredient lists.

Keep in mind, though, that many of Dairy Queen’s food products contain soy ingredients like soybean oil, soy lecithin, and soy protein isolate, which are all known to contain varying amounts of MSG.

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