What Is a Dilly Bar? (All You Need To Know)

Over the many decades in which Dairy Queen has been open, various classic ice cream treats have come into being. Famous soft serve has been used to create fun items that have become favorites on the DQ menu.

One of the most popular classic Dairy Queen treats is the Dilly Bar. Not everyone has had the chance to try one of these for themselves. If you’re wondering what a Dilly Bar is, you’ve come to the right place!

What Is A Dairy Queen Dilly Bar In 2024?

The Dairy Queen Dilly Bar is a classic treat served at participating locations as of 2024. It’s a round disk of soft-serve on a popsicle stick dipped in a chocolatey coating. The prominent flavor is chocolate, but some Dairy Queen locations also offer Cherry or Butterscotch Dilly Bars. There’s a vegan/gluten-free version of the Dilly Bar.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about the classic DQ Dilly bar and its origin!

What’s In A Dairy Queen Dilly Bar?

Dilly Bars are made with DQ’s famous soft serve, which contains milk and milkfat, along with sweeteners, flavoring, and other ingredients which contribute to the treat’s consistency.

Moreover, they are dipped in a firm chocolate coating containing coconut oil, sugar, and cacao, among other ingredients. Overall, it’s a simple treat that doesn’t require other elements.

At some locations, you will occasionally find a Dilly Bar topped with bits and pieces of candy.

Why Does Dairy Queen Call It A Dilly Bar?

The Dilly Bar got its name when two sons of a Minneapolis ice cream distributor came to the Moorhead Dairy Queen in Minnesota and showed off their idea for a soft-serve treat on a stick.

After coating the frozen disk in chocolate and holding the creation up, one brother said, “Now, isn’t that a dilly!” So the treat got a name and has been made and enjoyed by many ever since.

What’s The Difference Between A Dilly Bar & A Buster Bar?

While a Dilly Bar typically only includes soft serve on a stick with a flavored coating, there is more involved with a Buster Bar at Dairy Queen.

For example, Buster Bars have layers of vanilla soft serve, fudge, and peanuts and are dipped in DQ chocolatey coating.

Additionally, both treats are served on a popsicle stick and sold in boxes at participating Dairy Queen locations.

How Much Are A box Of Dilly Bars From Dairy Queen?

How Much Are A box Of Dilly Bars From Dairy Queen?

Typically, a box of six Dilly Bars at DQ costs $7.99. But, sometimes, Dairy Queen sells Dilly Bars in packs of 12, which often cost $15.99.

How Big Are Dilly Bars?

Manufactured Dilly Bars each contain 100ml. However, the exact size may vary slightly when purchasing Dilly Bars made in-store and sold in white paper bags.

When Did Dilly Bars Come Out?

Dilly Bars were invented in 1955 at the historic Moorhead Dairy Queen in Minnesota. Also, the Moorhead location still makes, and hand dips the frozen treats, selling thousands every year.

Did Dairy Queen Change Dilly Bars?

Originally, all Dairy Queen Dilly Bars were made on-location using soft serve machines and were hand-dipped by employees.

However, today, many stores that don’t have the space or staff to hand-make Dilly Bars sell them in prepackaged plastic bags or cardboard boxes.

Still, plenty of Dairy Queen locations make their Dilly Bars in-store, not to fear.

What Flavor Of Dilly Bars Does Dairy Queen Have?

The original Dilly Bar is dipped in chocolate, but some other classic flavors have been served at Dairy Queen for quite a long time.

For example, the other standard Dilly Bar flavors are Cherry and Butterscotch, available at participating locations.

Also, some Dairy Queen locations may offer Mint, Heath, No Sugar Added, and Non-Dairy varieties.

Are All Dilly Bars Non-Dairy?

The Non-Dairy Dilly Bar is a specific kind of Dilly Bar introduced in 2020 and is sold in pre-packaged boxes at participating Dairy Queen locations.

However, not all Dilly Bars are non-dairy; only the ones that are labeled as such and sold in the boxes with green graphics.

Are Dilly Bars Made At Dairy Queen?

Some Dairy Queen locations can make and hand-dip Dilly Bars in-store. Further, the hand-made treats with a curl on top are served in white paper bags.

However, at many locations that don’t make Dilly Bars in store, you can get one of these classic treats pre-made and sold in a plastic wrapping or a six or 12-pack box.

How Many Calories Are In A Dilly Bar?

There are 220 calories in a manufactured Dilly Bar, and the same goes for the Cherry and Butterscotch flavors.

Does Dairy Queen Have Cotton Candy Dilly Bars?

Some Dairy Queen locations have made Cotton Candy Dilly Bars using cotton candy-flavored coating.

It is not an official Dairy Queen menu item, but menu items often vary since each franchise location is individually owned and operated.

As you can imagine, that’s what makes going to Dairy Queen stores in other towns so fun!

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Dilly Bars are made either in-store or manufactured to be sold at many Dairy Queen locations. Also, Dilly Bars were originally invented at one of the oldest DQ locations in 1955.

Moreover, Dairy Queen makes this classic treat with vanilla soft serve and a chocolate coating.

Finally, Dailly Bars even come in other flavors or Non-Dairy, and No Sugar Added varieties at participating locations.

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